The Guide to the Other Side

Part 7: Can spiritual guides physically interact with us physically and are birds, butterflies, and dragonflies sometimes spiritual messengers?

Kirk: Greetings, Alana. Today's questioner is curious whether her spirit guides are able to touch her physically. Here is her question:

Question: Often, when I am alone, I feel impressions like someone is lightly touching my skin. I feel it on my arms and shoulders mostly. I am not sure if it's just my imagination or a normal body sensation. It does feel as though some invisible energy is there, lightly touching me. What or who could this possibly be?

Alana: Thank you, Kirk, for presenting this delightful question. I have a feeling that the questioner is very conscious of her spirit guides. My sense is that she is drawn to ask the question because she is very sensitive. It seems to be that the impressions she is receiving may very well be spirit guide communication.

Sometimes a person's senses will heighten when they are in the presence of a spirit guide. Their senses will pick up the transference of electricity--the vibrational frequencies--of their spirit guide's energy as it intermingles with their own energy field. This connection can be sensed as an impression on one's physical body. It isn't so much that a person's spirit guide is physically entering the denser physical dimensions and actually touching the person. Instead, their two energy fields are making a connection through the energetic and vibrational planes, and then rippling down into the physical dimension. This may be what is happening in the questioner's experience.

Kirk: Could there be other explanations?

Alana: Sure, there are other possibilities. A person's imagination can become very active through a desire to sense something. They can manifest illusions that might feel like physical touch. However, when a person genuinely wishes to connect with their non-physical helpers, and genuinely practices developing their senses, their senses will begin to respond to their intention. With this questioner, one of their most highly developed skills might be touch.

Kirk: In a number of movies, like the 1990 film, Ghost, for example, Patrick Swayze's character developed the ability to move a penny up a door and then make it float in mid air. That was proof to Demi Moore's character that he was actually there in spirit. Are those kinds of phenomenon possible?

Alana: Sure, they are possible. However, that type of interaction is not the most common. The sensations the questioner is experiencing are probably coming from an energetic impression that her spirit guide is sending, based on the desire to comfort her and make her aware of their presence within her life.

In the movie, Ghost, Hollywood portrayed a connection between a medium and a departed loved one who wanted to connect with their spouse, who still remained on the earth plane. It was a very heart warming movie, which wanted to illustrate the power of love that still exists in the afterlife, and how communication is still possible. But physical manifestations like those portrayed in the movie are uncommon. When loved ones move into spirit, they are more apt to enjoy their spiritual body and need not reconnect with the physical dimensions. As they come into a peaceful understanding of where they are, they can find effective ways to communicate. They usually do not feel the need to go through the laborious steps to create physical impressions as illustrated in the movie.

There can be a relationship between things that happen in the physical and the spirit worlds, such as finding a coin and knowing that it was sent as a reminder from your spirit guides. Most often, those manifestations are synchronicities. They arise from an intention on subtle levels between an individual and their spirit guides, and then the intention expresses itself in the physical world. So, a coin that manifests out of thin air, and lands on the ground at a person's feet, is not the norm. What happens most often is the synchronistic orchestration of physical elements that illustrate the connection between the spiritual and physical domains.

Kirk: Can you explain that a little more?

Alana: I will be happy to. Here is a fun example. There is much more going on than I can explain in a short illustration, but this will give you an idea. Imagine that a spirit guide knows that the person they wish to contact enjoys finding coins on the ground. Envision that they also sense that the person will be at a certain location at a certain time. Further, the spirit guide may also sense another individual in that area who has a coin ready to drop through a hole in their pocket. So, the coin drops to the ground. A little later, it just so happens that the person is walking by and the spirit guide nudges them to look to the ground just when they pass the coin. Synchronicities such as this happen all the time. The spirit guide didn't manifest the coin from the spiritual domain and then drop it into the physical. Rather, the spirit guide helped to orchestrate and facilitate the synchronistic event. This is the usual way spirit guides work with people on the earth plane.

Kirk: As you know, Sandy and I enjoy finding coins. Long ago, a dear friend taught me this game, and Sandy's also been playing it for many years. We like to think of it as an intuition training game. When we first came to Kauai and were considering moving here, we found a considerable amount of money on the ground. It was remarkable. Coins seemed to be everywhere we went! I think part of the reason we found so much change is because we were asking for direction. Our spirit guides knew that we liked to play this intuition game, so they played it with us.

Alana: Yes, exactly, Kirk. There are many other games that you can play too. Many people play with numbers! People can create many types of languages with their spirit guides once an intention is made. Some people find that a certain number pops up a lot for them. When they see that number, it helps them remember that they have spiritual guidance. Others may look for coins on the ground that want to shine back at them, mirroring their trust in universe. Others play with the license plate numbers on automobiles. There are so many creative ways to dialogue with spirit.

One of the ways the questioner has found to dialogue with spirit is through their sensitivity, and by receiving a lovely felt sense impression. It is wonderful to be enveloped by the sense of being embraced or even by the slight touch on the shoulder. It is a delightful reminder to pay attention to the present moment. There are many languages we can develop. When we combine our sensitivity with what we enjoy being aware of, we can create languages that match our intuitive sensing skills.

The more we develop our senses, the better. A person who happened to look down at the ground as they passed an awaiting coin may have used their clairaudient--clear hearing--skills. Through their inner listening, they heard a thought that a coin was nearby. Or they may have used clairvoyance--clear seeing--to receive an inner picture of a coin right before they happened to look down. Or they may have had a clairsentient--clear feeling--sensation in their body to look down just at the right time.

Kirk: Would you say a little bit about how Sandy talks to animals as another example; how spirit guides, angels, and departed loved ones sometimes choose to communicate with her through the animal world and nature?

Alana: Oh, yes! Nature is very aligned with spirit and enjoys being a helper. To name a few, butterflies, dragonflies, and birds love being a part of this spiritual language. Often they wish to be messengers of spirit, through their allowing, as they are moved by love. They find many ways to respond and act as messengers. They are very sensitive to spiritual vibration and are easily moved by it.

Kirk: Is there anything else you would like to say today regarding being touched by spirit?

Alana: I would like to acknowledge the questioner for such a beautiful question. I would like to acknowledge each and everyone for their openness to allowing great levels of love to communicate with them through their various senses. I would like to acknowledge them for finding fun and creative ways to dialogue with spirit. It is wonderful to watch the many inventive and creative ways we can illustrate the reality that there is communication between the physical and spiritual realms.

Kirk: Thank you, Alana!

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