The Guide to the Other Side

Part 6: How do we know if we are really receiving useful intuitive information?

Kirk: Alana, our questioner this week would like to know how to discern the quality of his or her intuitive messages. Here's the question.

Question: In the past two years, I've read a lot about spirit guides, guardian angels, and the higher self. I heard that some people channel information from their spirit guides. Some even know the name of their spirit guides. I am keen to know how can one communicate with his or her spirit guides and listen to their messages. Also, how can one discern that the message is from a higher source and not merely a mental projection or from their imagination?

Alana: Thank you, Kirk, for presenting this question.

Let's discuss how you can connect with your spirit guides. Essentially, connection begins through an intention to develop your sensitivity. You want to take steps to learn how to better distinguish how your senses respond. You must take time to practice exercising your senses. You also must learn to trust yourself in this process, and make room to learn as you go as you develop more skill. The six steps of our Developing Intuition Series course is a very powerful model to help you develop your sensitivities and begin receiving intuitive information.

Now, let's talk about how you can learn to discern whether what you are receiving is imagination or true guidance. You do so by connecting with your heart and feeling the quality of the vibrations you receive. If you feel expansive, alive, full, and spiritually vital, the information is most likely coming from a higher aspect of you being or your guides and angels. If the information feels contractive to you, or it has a tone of judgment or mental assumptions, then it has been probably filtered through your ego or your conscious mind.

Alana is aware there are times when you might be in a very expansive state and your imagination is fully engaged. At those times, you can awaken a part of your nature that can discover a lot of information. When you enter these types of states of consciousness, see if you find it useful to ask:

-- What purpose does the information serve?

-- Is the information useful? (What can I DO with it?)

-- Will it help me to move toward something? (Rather than AWAY from something.)

What is most important is if any of these statements are true. It doesn't really matter if the information is made up of both your imagination and intuitive guidance you have received. You can simply embrace and take action on that which is useful and let the rest naturally fall aside.

Kirk: I feel your explanations above will bring more understanding to this process. Would you like to offer any other practical tips or suggestions regarding how to discern between information that is generated by our imagination and information that comes from angels, spirit guides, and our higher self?

Alana: Yes, here are a few more things you can ask yourself:

-- Does the information provide support?

-- Do I feel more empowered?

-- Do I feel more awake?

-- Do I feel more conscious?

-- Do I feel more alive?

-- Do I have more hope?

These are some additional questions that can help you to distinguish the quality of the information you receive. If some of these questions are answered with a yes, know the information you received was definitely blended with love. Love is the vibration in which all angels, guides, and you higher self are aligned.

Kirk: Excellent questions, Alana. I have one more question for today: People often ask Sandy and me if it's important to know the names of their angels and spirit guides. What can you suggest?

Alana: If it brings you joy and makes the connection more real for you, then it can be wonderful. If it is something that helps you develop your connection.

Having an identity for your spiritual helpers--a name, a personalization--can be helpful. However, your angels and spirit guides would want you to use a name only if it helps support your personal enrichment of the experience. Angels and spirit guides of a high vibrational frequency-the frequency of love and heart--are not attached to a specific name. However, if it helps you with the process and brings you joy, by all means, delight in the personalization.

Kirk: Thank you, Alana. I look forward to next week's time with you, as we continue to share practical-spiritual on how to work with our nonphysical helpers.

Alana: That will be fun.

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