The Guide to the Other Side

Part 5: How do we connect with other people's Spirit Guides?

Kirk: We have a terrific question again for this segment of the series, Alana. Our questioner wants to know how to connect with other people's spirit guides.

Question: I would like to know how I can connect with someone else's spirit guide, so that I can help them in their time of confusion. How can I connect with them so that I can send them more love and positive energy?

Alana: What a beautiful question. The best way is to first connect with the vibration of love. Create an intention to align with your spirit guide, and then ask your sprit guide to align with their spirit guide. A desire to send love does not need to be complicated, but if it brings you joy and if you wish to go through this type of exchange and experience, it could be delightful.

First, tune into your heart with the intention of aligning with your spirit guide. Then ask your guide to go find their spirit guide or guardian angel, and ask them to convey your message. Let them know through your thoughts that you would like to send them love; that you would like to engage in the vibration of love with them. Create an intention, connect to the heart through love, and then ask for this service to be undertaken by your spiritual helpers.

Kirk: Do you need to get permission of some sort to address someone else's spirit guide?

Alana: Remember how we focused on the highest and the best good of all concerned in the six-step intuition course? That really takes care of any permission you would need. For we are all connected, and if the intention is of love and light, there is always receptivity on the other end.

Kirk: What if you have a karmic relationship with a person? Perhaps, for example, you have had some difficult experiences with them in the past. What if you wish to transform the relationship by sending love to them, but it doesn't feel they are open to your energy?

Alana: In a case such as this the best thing you can do is just bless them. Sending a blessing is similar to sending them love. The blessings are always received by their higher nature, since a blessing represents an intention to support the person's alignment with spirit and love. Permission is really not an issue when working with the higher levels and when acknowledging the highest, best, and that which is essential. Using this approach allows the issues to pretty much resolve themselves.

Kirk: As I listen to your answer, Alana, it dawns on me that perhaps it would be better not to specifically state what we want to send a person, but to just ask for their highest and best good. Yet, on the other hand it seems that sending love and positive energy could never hurt. Could you say a little more about what we could intend for others that would be of the highest and best good?

Alana: Sending a blessing is really all encompassing. This approach acknowledges trust that their higher nature and being knows how to nourish, love, and support them. This is a very powerful intention. When you send love or light, you are acknowledging the love and light that is already within them. You are not giving them anything they don't already have. You are sparking an alignment with the love that is now, and has always been, within them.

Kirk: That makes sense. We all have experienced the pleasure of mountain top experiences, the familiarity with "normal" day-to-day living, and the pain of being in the valley (or dark cave) types of experiences. My first inclination, when someone is down in the valley and in pain and darkness, is to send them love, joy, light, peace--all these good things that come to mind. But as I listen to you, it seems like it might be a little presumptuous for me to decide what they need. For example, it may be in alignment with their highest and best good to be in the pain or difficulty they are in. It is not for me to judge whether their current experiences are serving them, or not. Can you share more about what we can do when we want to help someone out from an intentional, energetic standpoint? What can we ask for on their behalf that is not intrusive, and is supportive to all levels of their being?

Alana: Again, blessing them is a beautiful intention and gesture, because it empowers the trust that you have in them and their connection with spirit.

If you do choose to send them love, know that what you are doing is sending a prayer that tells their angels and guides to take notice. It is a way to help support their vitality of spirit. When you use this approach, you can do no harm. Simply go into your nature and sense what type of gift you want to share with them.

Sure, maybe they are in a situation where their higher intention is to really learn through pain. Sending them love will act as a nudge in whatever direction their higher nature knows is best for them. Love brings up anything unlike itself! This means that the more love that pours into them, the more discomfort they may feel for a while. Yet, it is up to them to accept the love that you are directing to their being. Sure, they already have love within them, but we are talking about their willingness on some level to recognize this love and embrace it. Did that help answer your question?

Kirk: Yes, thank you. When you say, "Love brings up anything unlike itself," are you saying that when we pour love into ourselves it may magnify what we fear?

Alana: Sure. It is possible that experiencing the energy of love may also bring up our fears. That response can occur until we heal from our illusions that we are separate from love.

Kirk: Thank you, Alana. You've given us all much to consider and practice.

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