The Guide to the Other Side

Part 4 - Do Spiritual Guides ever tell us what to do?

Kirk: Greetings, Alana.

Alana: Hello, Kirk.

Kirk: Today, I would like to begin by reading a question sent to us by one of our Ezine subscribers.

Question: Alana, earlier in the Guide to the Other Side Series, you mentioned that spirit guides tend to give support that is more general, rather than specifically bossing us around or telling us what to do. This makes sense to me but I am still a little bit confused. There was a time I talked with a psychic who said she was receiving her information from a spirit guide of hers. She told me I needed some more potassium in my diet. In my mind, that information was a specific instruction rather than general support, but it seemed to be good and useful information to me at the time. So please give me a little more clarification regarding angels and spirit guides and general suggestions versus specific suggestions about what to do.

Alana: Angels and spirit guides will support in raising your vibration so that you can be more intuitive. They will help heighten your psychic and intuitive abilities so you can more easily sense and gather greater levels of wisdom and knowledge. In this case, where the psychic gave specific information, it could be that the bond between the spirit guide and the psychic helped raise the vibration enough, through the connection of your intention to learn and discover, and the intuitive's intention to provide essential information. The spirit guide's role was facilitating the connection of love and light so that the conveyed information through the psychic could become essential, clear, helpful, and of the highest and best good.

There may also be times when an intuitive will filter guidance through their own belief system and their own priorities. That is not necessarily a negative thing unless the information is not useful to the person. The best thing someone can do is tune into his or her senses and notice if the information is useful. Prior to receiving intuitive guidance, always ask that your spirit guides and angels facilitate that which is the highest and best. Request that they support in raising the vibration so the psychic or intuitive has a better link; a wonderful enriched link to the person they are working with, one that is energized with love and light.

I must also mention that departed loved ones can also act as spirit guides too. They may come through, give specific directions, and even seem bossy. Alana wants to create a distinction between spirit guides and angels versus nonphysical entities who still have personal interests in us or interests of their own.

Kirk: When you say a spirit guide has the intention of helping us with our own discernment and intuition, does that mean a spirit guide would not tell me something specific, like to take more potassium, or to break up with a girl friend or boyfriend--these types of things?

Alana: A spirit guide or angel is going to support you in raising your vibration. Then your higher self will awaken your answers within your being. It can seem like your spirit guide or angel is telling you to do something. However, what is most likely happening is they are blending with your higher nature. Your higher nature is then gathering a greater sense of knowledge, and then conveying that wisdom back to you through your inner senses.

Spirit guides and angels are not going to make your decisions for you. They will support you in aligning with the light. Light holds within it information. They will nudge you to have discovery, they will nudge you to see truth. But it is your eyes, your senses, which are awakened to allow knowledge and wisdom to be awakened within your being. It is your senses that are inviting your intuition to gather truth. Spirit guides and angels are supporting you in this, so it may feel like the information is coming from them when you receive a piece of concise information and direction.

Kirk: It seems that one of the distinctions that might be useful is the difference between information that comes from the outside in, (somebody external knowing for us and telling us what to do), versus learning from the inside out. High quality psychics and intuitives create alignment with their and our higher selves, and want only our highest and best good. Once they share what they receive, we can determine what is true for us, from the inside out, not the outside in. We receive what we find useful and let the rest go.

Alana: Yes. When an individual is aligned with their spirit guides and angels--when they are intuitively sensitive to their presence--their consciousness raises to a similar level as the light and wisdom of their spirit guides and angelic helpers. They can receive truth, wisdom, light, and knowledge. There is this incredible collective database of universal information, you see. An intuitive person who is aligned with a high vibration is able to sense wisdom and knowledge. The information comes as a realization, which flows from their higher state of awareness. Individuals that become this aware in their life often make the choice to become spiritual guides for others when they move to the other side.

Kirk: Yes, so it seems to me that as we learn to blend with our higher selves, our oversouls…all that is…this distinction between internal and external starts to blur too.

Alana: Yes, Kirk, it seems so. The notion of external and internal--learning from the inside out, versus outside in--is very useful when a person initially develops their intuitive abilities. Once a person is able to enter into higher states of awareness, the internal universe feels like it's inside. This is our natural state of being, not something reserved for saints, mystics, and sages of old. We can all learn to raise our vibration to match that of our higher selves. When we do, our angels and spirit guides become our companions, our friends with whom we walk through life.

Kirk: Wonderful, Alana. I have one more follow up on this particular thread of thought. Although we are doing channeling right now, and we very much believe in the process, sadly many of the experiences that Sandy and I have had with other people channeling have been anywhere from mediocre to negative. One of the things that we experienced relatively recently with a channel was an energy that was setting himself up as a guru. He did know many things about us, he seemed quite psychic, and he had abilities. But there was something in his energy that felt controlling, like he wanted us to be impressed with him and become his devotees.

What can you suggest to people who want to experience the services of a channel, intuitive, or a psychic, but want to make sure that they don't find themselves taking advice that is not useful for them. In short, how do we make sure that we remain empowered and learn to trust our own hearts, rather than becoming disempowered by being around so called "experts"?

Alana: People often learn through contrast. Sometimes individuals create people or experiences that act as teaching aids. These experiences teach them what it is like to give their power away, as well as teach them what it is like to use discernment. These situations can teach them what it is like to understand if information is truly useful. My suggestion is to always go into the vibration your inner senses--first connect with your heart. Doing so will shed enough light on a situation for you to know what to do with the information you receive. Connect with your heart and it will surely guide you.

Kirk: Thank you, Alana.

Alana: Thank you, Kirk, for presenting this question and facilitating this conversation.

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