The Guide to the Other Side

Part 3 - Why do Spirit Guides want to communicate with us, and what are their intentions?

Kirk: Greetings, Alana. I would like to have you answer a question we received regarding spirit guide communication.

Question: I have an angel with whom I speak, and a few spirit guides. Sometimes I become confused about whom I should ask my questions to. I don't want to either ignore or overuse my relationship with any of them. Can you help me with this?

Alana: Thank you very much, Kirk, for presenting this ongoing dialogue about angels and spirit guides and for presenting these heartfelt questions. I wish you to know that I am looking forward to sharing with you, and I am excited to answer the questions that you present as we continue our dialogue on this topic.

The terms "angels" and "spirit guides" often mean the same thing. It is often our language and our nature's desire to personalize these nonvisible helpers that creates the distinction. The nonvisible helpers have no need for such a distinction. Angels and spirit guides feel very much the same, and will appear to us in whatever ways make it easy for us to relate to them.

When you go into the spiritual realms and sense the nonvisible helpers, you may find that an angelic guide will align with your perceptions that relate to more of a religious quality. Angels have a quality of being pure messengers of love and light. In contrast, a spirit guide might be sensed as a butterfly or show up as an ancient shaman. Spirit guides show themselves in a variety of ways.

Another quality that you may sense of spirit guides is they often have a collective intention, and are working within a particular mission. They may also be working with a specific individual, but most often, you find spirit guides working in a kind of collective sense.

Here are some intentions that spirit guides collectively share:

-- Supporting higher levels of consciousness and the development of intuition

-- Supporting humankind in having more compassion for themselves and one another.

-- Helping people understand the aspects of self-love.

-- Helping humankind embrace themselves and feel good about who they are.

There is a collective group of spirit guides with an intention to help people trust their hearts too! Alana has many helpers. Spirit guides who collectively work together understand the power of concentrated energy, as well as our inner connectedness with one another. There are collectives of spirit guides who specifically help people cross over to the other side.

Guardian angels also help people transition through the veil, and often act as overseers of a given person’s well being. A spirit guide can also be called a guardian angel when they are aligned with the care of a particular individual. I must also mention there are guardian angels who also share a collective mission. So, you will find that there is not always clear distinction between angels and spirit guides--the distinction is more one of words than the intentions of these wonderful helpers. Their sole purpose is to be present as guides, helpers, and messengers of love and light to the higher nature of the individual or collective group they watch over. They do this either in relationship to a collective group intention, or from the desire to support the individual in their life and awakening.

When you think of connecting with your guides and angels, or your guardian angel, just embrace a willingness to allow their love to be present in your life. Whoever is most present with your issue at hand will be there for you. They will work with you in whatever ways that best serve you--they will work together too. Do not worry about communicating with the wrong angel or guide, or that you will misuse them. You cannot over use or abuse your connection with them. Just be open to receiving the love they have to offer!

Thank you for presenting such a lovely question. I can sense the nonvisible realms enlivened with glee at this most thoughtful and gracious question.

Kirk: Thank you, Alana. I'm looking forward to our our conversations in our next segment of The Guide to the Other Side

Note: Before continuing with the series you will want to read the answers to question on the topic of Angels and Sprit Guides in the "Alana's Answer's" section of our website. This would help enrich this section on spirit guides before continuing with the following topics.

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