The Guide to the Other Side

Part 2: What are other ways we can identify Spirit Guides?

Kirk: Greetings, Alana. We are now learning how to deepen our ability to discern. This will help us stay on course as we learn to work with our spirit guides. Can you help us understand what the information that comes from a spirit guide will be like?

Alana: Yes, Kirk. I have an example that I feel people may relate to. Imagine you have a career choice to make. One option pays very well but the work location is far away from your home. The other choice is in your own hometown but the pay is less. Both jobs have good benefits so that is not an issue.

So, you decide to connect with your intuition and gain some inner guidance. Then you ask for an answer and one comes to you. The guidance seems to clearly tell you to take the journey; to take the job that is the farthest away from your home. Since the answer was so direct, you may feel that the information came to you through a spirit guide. This answer could even feel as if it came from a different part of your nature. But let's take a moment to consider the answer you received.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself in order to strengthen your ability to discern:

-- Did the answer allow me to use my mind's ability to reason?

-- Did the answer help me to sense my own feelings about the options?

-- Did the answer encourage me to tune into my authentic nature?

-- Did the answer bring a sense of positive emotions to my heart?

Most often a voice or answer like my example above comes from an inner part rather than a spirit guide. A spirit guide will come forward and invoke your intuition by subtly supporting you. A spirit guide may nudge you to realize that the answer can easily come to you and that you will know through your senses. A spirit guide will remind you to allow yourself to relax into the answer and imagine what is perfect for you.

Spirit guides will nudge, nurture, love, embrace. They will extend love, light, and energy. The will align with your life force vibration to help you create a space within so that you can feel more empowered to create clarity within. In contrast, a nonphysical entity or an inner part will most often make the decision for you and do so quickly. When answers come from a bossy or commanding energy, they most often are not from a true spirit guide. The nature of spirit is to support your abilities, not take over your life.

Please understand that spirit guides sometimes do provide information quickly. You certainly can receive quick flashes of insight that are sensory-based and quite clear-like a deep sense of knowing. The key is to notice if you are being supported to learn from the inside out. Spirit guides that are aligned with your highest good always desire to support you in experiencing your own truths from the inside.

Kirk: Thank you. Since working with you since 1992, I must say that you, Alana, have provided incredible spirit guidance to me. During this decade of discovery, you have never ever once told Sandy or me what to do--even during times of great struggle when we would have loved someone outside of ourselves to make our decisions for us! The way you patiently facilitate our personal growth and transformation is a grand example of how a spirit guide can help us learn to discern our own truths.

Alana, does everyone have a spirit guide or multiple guides?

Alana: Yes, because everyone is multidimensional within his or her nature. You have a physical body, but you are also a soul being. Your soul being is in alignment with the spiritual realms. Within the spiritual realms there is a wonderful host of delightful energies that wish to guide, support, nourish, and bring much light and love to you.

Kirk: How can we distinguish the difference between a guardian angel and a spirit guide? Is there a difference?

Alana: Yes. When a person senses their guardian angel they often feel enveloped by wings or comforting arms. They may sense being cradled and supported. This sensation is a good indication that a person is aligned with the nature of their guardian angel. Another indication is a feeling of calmness and blissfulness, or a heighten sense of well-being. Although spirit guides can also provide comfort and protection, they usually have a larger array of purposes that encompass more than one person.

Kirk: I am looking forward to learning more about the different spiritual beings that we may encounter in future lessons. Is there anything you would like to say about using the Six Steps for Developing Intuition Series in relationship to connecting with spirit guides?

Alana: Yes. The six-step process provides the training wheels for beginning to sense the spiritual guidance that is available from our nonphysical helpers. Practicing the steps will help you develop your sensitivity and intuition. The information can help you build an inner foundation for reading auras, working with healing energy, learning to work with the chakra, etc. Many skills can be built upon the foundation of the six-steps process.

Kirk: Thanks for today's session, Alana. I am looking forward to presenting more questions on spirit guides in our next segment. Bye for now.

Alana: You are welcome, dear one.

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