The Guide to the Other Side

Part 17: What does the reality of the afterlife appear like once we move on?

Kirk: This segment is our last in our series. Alana, I thought it might be fun to conclude by spending our time describing the essence of the other side. Here is our final question which I am looking forward to exploring with you.

Question: Is the other side just like it is here on earth? Does our physical reality look the same as the reality we experience once we move to the other side?

Alana: Actually, it is quite different. There are so many incredible energies, elements, and aspects that are only available on the physical plane of this planet. Mother earth and its offerings are truly a majestic garden. You have beauty manifested in material form beyond imagination. You have the ability to touch, feel, and shape the things you work with. You have the opportunity to learn how to manifest and to embrace the power of co-creation. You can witness the power of thought. You have the opportunity to sense what it is like to move about in space and time, to have perceptions of the past and the future. You can experience growth while learning to gain awareness of your personal power. You have the incredible elements of nature, eagerly wanting to mirror back to you who you are. The earth plane existence is a feast. It is an incredible miracle in many ways.

The list above is a small sampling of the many delights available to only those who are in physical form on the earth plane. Never take for granted the life that you have been given. It is truly precious. Always acknowledge the incredible gifts that you have been given to exist within the beauty of physical life. When you move to the other side, you will have a grand view of what you had been given. Gratefulness will envelope you.

Kirk: Our life here is an incredible opportunity, not only to have the ability to learn and grow in time and space, but to also experience the elements that are only found here on earth.

Alana: Yes. The other side is also amazing, but it is much different.

Kirk: Please continue.

Alana: OK. When you move into spirit, things are much different. Without time and space, the opportunity to co-create is much different. For example, you immediately see your intentions take shape, so you have to be very consciously attuned to your thought presence. You have an ability to move from one dimension to another. You have an ability to grow and have purpose, which are aspects of the physical domain (but it is quite different than what is available to you while in a body). Since you will no longer have time, space, and form in which to work, you don't have the tension that is needed to have cause and effect. Therefore, you cannot reflect and grow in the same way.

Kirk: Very clear, Alana. Thank you so much. It seems so many "spiritual" techniques are focused on "ascension." After sharing these thoughts with you, it's clear to me that our "descension" into the physical realms was truly a miracle. I'm re-inspired to open my eyes, ears, taste, smell, touch-all my senses-and enjoy the infinite beauties of the earth plane. There are so many possibilities for co-creation. What a gift. Thank you for your wonderful answer, Alana.

Alana: Thank you, dear one. Enjoy feeling your incredible physical existence.

Kirk: This wraps up our series on exploring the many facets of the other side. I look forward to dialoging with you on other topics in the future and want to thank you for the incredible insight you have shared with us.

Alana: You are so very welcome, Kirk. Alana-Heart is delighted to bring forth this wisdom for all to enjoy.

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