The Guide to the Other Side

Part 16: When we die and are in the afterlife are we capable of reading the minds of those who are living?

Kirk: Greetings, Alana.

Alana: Hello, Kirk.

Kirk: I have a question for you today about energies on the other side and what types of skills they may have when it comes to relating to us.

Alana: Wonderful.

Kirk: Here's the question: "Can people or other energies on the other side do more than we can? Can they go into the human mind, for example, and see what a person is thinking?"

Alana: Beings always have access to telepathy, whether they are on this side of the veil or the other side. I would not say that a being on the other side has more access to skills, especially if those skills were not accessible to them while they were in a physical body. However, it is sometimes easier to tune in from the other side since there are not as many mental distractions. Also, a departed loved one may have more realization of their skills than they did while in their physical body. Spirit vibration is more conducive to thought transference since thought is the primary language. So, it depends on each being's sensitivities and the skills they have developed.

For instance, you may find a departed loved one who is so closely connected that they are able to notice the emotional state of a loved one who is still in body. It isn't that they read their minds. It's that they are attuned to the emotional body and the energetic vibration their loved one emits. If a person is processing many thoughts and they have a deep heart connection with their departed loved one, then this alignment can heighten the sensitivity of each of them. This becomes like a telephone wire where their consciousness can move in both directions. It just depends on who is tuning in, who picks up the phone. Thus, I am describing our co-creative energy, our alignment with each other, and how that alignment supports us in exchanging information.

Also, as we dwell and give energy to things we are doing daily, our thoughts create intentions. Those intentions then create thought forms. There are ways to observe thought forms, since they truly exist as vibrations. For example, angels and spirit guides attune to thought form vibrations.

On the other hand, we may have a departed loved one who is adjusting and adapting to their new world. Their sensitivities may be involved in establishing a sense of well-being and alignment with their surroundings. When we think of them, they may feel very distant, perhaps because they may not be focused on us recently. However, this doesn't mean that we can't reach them. The vibration of love is always felt. Our blessings to each other are eternal, everlasting.

So yes, there is an energetic link between those living and those in spirit. Those who have souls that have accumulated certain levels of awareness through their many lives will have access to their skills when they move out of their body. This does not mean that they didn't have access to those same skills while in their body. While in body, they had a choice whether to build their intuitive skills or not.

Kirk: It might be useful for people to understand that just because a being or entity is on the other side it doesn't mean they all have the same level of ability and skill as all other entities in those dimensions. There are many different types of entities and beings in the non-physical realms of this universe, vastly more than there are here on earth. So, we cannot say that the skill levels of departed loved ones, spirit guides, angels, etc. are all the same.

Alana: Yes, that is a point I wish to make. There are many dimensions on the other side that we can explore. Each realm holds within it a unique vibration, and within that vibration different skills and abilities are more natural than when in other planes of expression.

Kirk: I find it comforting to know that we can communicate with each other, especially with our departed loved ones. I love knowing that we are not separate from them and can still be heart-connected.

Alana: They are just a thought away, really. Just as we are alive here on this plane, they are alive on another plane. Our higher selves sense and feel the exchanges of thought all the time. It is wonderful when we acknowledge this. We often refer to this as synchronicity. However, synchronicity is the natural state of exchange, and it exists within every moment.

Kirk: Thank you, Alana, for sharing your thoughts on this subject. I like to think that you are always just a thought away!

Alana: You are so very welcome, dear one.

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