The Guide to the Other Side

Part 15: How do we become aware if someone on the other side wants to communicate with us?

Kirk: Let's go more deeply into the subject of the afterlife and the other side. Alana, here's the question we received.

Question: How do I know if someone on the other side is trying to talk to me? Sometimes I feel that perhaps I am being sent messages, but I just can't seem to get them.

Alana: There are many ways those on the other side attempt to alert us that they wish to communicate. Sometimes we will receive what seems like a random thought that references the departed loved one. If we choose to open our intuition and explore this thought a little more deeply, we may gather additional impressions about the person who is residing on the other side. We may even receive a message from them as a part of our thoughts. Sometimes it will be apparent to us that the idea or thought is coming from our heart connection to them. At other times, it will seem as if it is our imagination or something we are conjuring up. It is important to recognize how our senses awaken while the inner dialogue is taking place, and to ask ourselves if we find any of the information to be useful.

Kirk: In a case like this, where we are allowing our state of mind room to explore our thought connection with the presence on the other side, would "useful" mean the information gives us some kind of beneficial awareness?

Alana: Yes. What you receive might bring comfort or remind you of something. It could lead you to a discovery of some sort. Information that is useful will support you in some way.

Kirk: Are there any other ways spirit guides or departed loved ones might want to get our attention?

Alana: Sure. They will try whatever methods they feel will get our attention. We shared a bit about this in a previous dialogue. Here are some of the examples I gave. Sometimes nature spirits, such as butterflies or dragonflies, might appear. We might receive a sensation that feels like touch on our shoulder or hand. We could find what appears as a random coin. We might encounter the sight of repetitive numbers. Events like these can be attention getters for us to be conscious of our non-visible friends and help us to pay attention to our intuition.

Kirk: Okay, now that we have a sense of how the other side may attempt to get our attention, what do we do if we get frustrated and feel we can't seem to receive the message? What if we can sense a connection, but we aren't sure what the message is?

Alana: Most often the messages come in very simple ways and they are often not necessary communicated in language, at least as we know it. We will often experience the messages as an inner feeling that gives us a sense of confirmation.

People can make intuition gathering and communication with the other side much more complicated than it needs to be. Some people feel the messages should be intense--like being struck by a lightning bolt--before they believe that what they are receiving is real and useful. However, most often the messages are very subtle. These gentle messages can be very useful. Often the communication will feel as if an inner part of our own being is sharing the information. Actually, that is true, since we are the receivers who receive through our inner senses. Remember, our inner senses are connected to the frequencies of the other side. We are just learning to be more aware of them.

Kirk: Very helpful. Thank you, Alana.

Alana: Thanks to the questioner for providing a useful question!

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