The Guide to the Other Side

Part 14: Are there really ghosts among us, and if we have a near death experience (NDE) do we really go to the other side?

Kirk: Alana, this question comes from a woman who is experiencing unexplained activity in her living environment. Her question is about spirits who have passed on who are still attached to the earth plane:

Question: I lost both of my parents due to a car accident two years ago this February. I recently bought and moved into an older home. I always have a sense that someone is there: doors slamming with no one around, always having a figure shape out of the corner of my eye. Oddly, I don't feel frightened or anxious, just aware. I've never had this feeling at the home I lived in when my parents passed away. My question is, are one or both of my parents, or a spirit guide, or someone who passed away, in the house?

Alana: First, I would like to compassionately acknowledge the questioner and how difficult it must have been for her to lose both parents so suddenly. It is often a struggle to make sense of departures such as this. I am sure she has experienced a deep spiritual shift and an awakening to the possibilities of afterlife. I wish to extend a loving wish their way.

Referring back to the question, we do live in a very busy universe. The non-physical plane is just as busy as the physical plane. No matter where an individual is, there are always non-visible energies moving about. Usually we cannot perceive with them with our five senses. Sometimes non-physical energies take the form of apparitions, or ghosts. Sometimes they are in the form of angelic helpers and spirit guides. Sometimes they are in the form of nature spirits, departed loved ones, or spirit animals. These are the most common known non-physical presences that I like to refer to as beings.

My sense is that our questioner lives in an environment where there are some spirit beings who are attracted to the earth plane. The questioner senses their presence as they interact with the physical. I do not feel as though these energies are their departed loved ones. If they were departed loved ones, I feel she would sense them differently--more personally and in a much more loving way. These energies seem somewhat impersonal, and more attached to the environment than the questioner.

Kirk: Interesting. Are there any suggestions you can provide to help encourage earth bound spirits to go into the light?

Alana: Yes, talk to any spirit you feel is earth bound--within your mind or aloud--about the beauty that lies ahead for them as they release their attachments and move into a more expansive spiritual state. Ask them to look toward the vibrations of love that awaits them, and to trust that the love will envelope them and take them to a much more peaceful state. Beings that move into spirit, but who haven't yet released the earth, feel they still have business here and feel unsettled about letting go until their business is finished. So, they still have attachments that keep their attention focused on the earth plane. Once they receive a greater understanding that the things to which they are attached can resolve themselves from a higher plane, they often feel free to let go and move to their place in the spirit world that is more appropriate for them. But sometimes they do not understand that they will have the freedom to resolve issues that might hold them back from higher levels of spiritual exploration. Therefore, they stay attached to the earth plane and continue to try to resolve their attachments from an earthly vantage point.

Kirk: Are you saying we can still resolve earthy issues once we reach the spirit world?

Alana: Why, yes, and with much more ease since things begin to simplify as we become more fully aware of our full nature.

Kirk: Some people might like to know if what we have seen in a number of movies is true. For example, when a person dies they suddenly have the experience of floating outside their body. When they observe their dead body, they are struck with the realization that they have passed away. Then a tunnel of light opens up from above. The way it has been depicted in some films is that newly deceased person sees the light but then decides not to surrender to it. For various reasons they choose to remain earth bound. Is that a phenomenon that really occurs, or is that something Hollywood invented?

Alana: That is one way to depict the experience, but the release from the body will be different for everyone. Much of how it manifests has to do with their soul's prior experiences, as well as how they consciously relate to the ease in which they wish to move into their spirit body. However, I will share some general principles that may prove to be useful.

There is a kind of euphoric sensation that the physical body produces prior to the severing of its physical cord, and this experience brings with it a tantalizing and amazing vibration. This vibration will often present itself as white light. I'll give you an illustration to help you imagine how light within can manifest itself. Imagine taking a strobe of light and placing it close to your eyes while they are closed. The strobe of light stimulates your optics and you visually create many patterns that appear and dance about. The light from the outer world is not creating the patterned images, but it is providing the initial stimulation. The physical operations of the body are interpreting the light and then creating the patterns.

Now let's relate this to the euphoric state that one enters prior to releasing the physical cord. Many near death experiences (NDE) will often produce this kind of light. When the consciousness is in a deep altered state, it is susceptible to aligning with spiritual energy. The spiritual energy is made of light, but not necessarily light as we know it. The sensitivity brought about by the NDE experience translates this light. Thus, some of this phenomenon is physiologically created, and some of it is brought about by the relationship of the soul releasing from the body.

Kirk: Can you share a little more about the cord?

Alana: The cord is our lifeline. It is what keeps us grounded and connected to our bodies. It is like a string attached to a balloon. We are that balloon, experiencing life within a physical universe. The cord is what keeps our spirit attached to our physical body.

Kirk: How is this different from the cords that you have addressed in previous questions? I'm thinking of the unuseful types of cords that created karmic types of relationships.

Alana: The cord that connects one's soul and physical body is different from the energetic cords that can be created between people. Energetic cords are created through emotional interactions, such as mental-emotional polarizations and entanglements, or synchronistic and harmonic interactions. In contrast, the life cord that creates the bond with our bodies is an earth bound cord that links our spirit to our physical body.

Kirk: Is this life cord connected to any specific place in our energy field?

Alana: Yes, it connects through our chakra.

Kirk: Thank you, Alana. I look forward to presenting you with our next question, which also touches on understanding our relationship with departed loved and the other side.

Alana: Thank you, dear ones.

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