The Guide to the Other Side

Part 12: Can we be physically harmed or attacked by psychic negative energy and if so what can we do to protect ourselves?

Kirk: Greetings, Alana.

Alana: Hello, Kirk.

Kirk: I think today's question will interest many people. There is a wide array of beliefs out there regarding "spiritual protection." Here's the question we received.

Question: I have been having some difficulty lately with someone tapping into my aura. I do not believe their intentions to be very positive. I was hoping you might have some advise as to how I might be able to block their influence or extract their presence? Any help would be much appreciated.

Alana: When we feel that our energy is being invaded by an outside influence, there are many things we can do to strengthen our energy.

For one, we can bless the individual whom we feel is interfering with us. We can then release any imagined cords that we have with them. When we telepathically sense someone thinking about us, or sense they are interfering in our thoughts, it creates a grand opportunity for us to create a boundary.

Alana will explain this a bit further. We wish for our space to be respected, so we want to create an intention, and do so in a commanding manner. If we stay focused on outside influences, our preoccupation will create a polarization (because our mind will be turned in that direction). We need to release our preoccupation with the pattern, so we can keep our energy flowing in the useful directions our heart desires.

There are a couple actions you can take to help you change these kinds of patterns. You can release any imagined cords that you might have. You can do so by visually severing them or feeling them release.

You can also do a very wonderful exercise where you place a very beautiful rainbow around your being. Just imagine a rainbow circling your aura. This beautiful rainbow becomes filled with the entire color spectrum of vibration. If an outside influence wishes to project energy in your direction, they will first be introduced to your rainbow. Your rainbow will mirror back to them whatever they need. Therefore, you save your energy for yourself, versus having your energy leeched by another.

Kirk: Interesting, Alana. That is much different than the approach of the typical one of using some kind of shield. If a parasitic type of energy wants to attach, they can get the energy they need from the rainbow. Since the rainbow encompasses all vibrational frequencies, they can receive whatever they truly need. If they need a vibration that is from the red spectrum, they can pull that out of the rainbow. If they need green, they can pull that out of the rainbow. If they need purple, they can get that. They can get whatever they need without being attached or sucking out another person's energy.

Alana: Yes, exactly. Sometimes when you put up a shield you might actually be empowering the other energy because you are matching its fundamental intent.

Kirk: That is what you mean by polarity. It creates a war in a sense. When we engage in polarity types of behaviors, we must remember, "what we resist persists." A more useful path is to be very clear about who we are, connect with our source, declare our boundary, invoke this rainbow, bless everyone (including those whom we perceive as negative, bad, wrong, etc.), and then turn our attention toward that which we choose to create!

Alana: Indeed! This is creation, rather than reaction.

Kirk: So, anyone who is our "enemy" actually is our greatest teacher, since they are a reminder to "come to our senses" and practice the remembrance of who we really by choosing to create our heart's desires.

Alana: There are many tools that have been created by many teachers to help us be empowered. The most effective ones are the ones that are simple and easy to embrace.

Alana: Would you like to review the technique of using a rainbow of light for protection?

Kirk: I'll be happy to, here are the steps for, The Rainbow Technique:

Remember who you are, the true nature of your eternal being.

Connect with your source (spirit, soul, universe, higher self, God, etc.).

Declare your boundaries (this is your right--an expression of your values--and an act of both self-care and other-care).

Invoke a beautiful rainbow that surrounds you (if you have difficulty visualizing, just pretend like you can).

Bless everyone (including those whom you perceive as negative, bad, wrong, etc.; blessing them does not mean you agree with, approve of, or like them; it means you wish them their highest and best good).

Use your intention to turn your attention toward that which you choose to create. So be it!

This approach can resolve old karmic problems--and prevent new karma--since it is not sourced from the reactive energies of fear, separation, or scarcity. The Rainbow Technique is empowered creation, and is not opposed to any person, any place, any thing, or any thought.

Could this approach be part of the blueprint for creating Peace on Earth?

Thank you, Alana.

Alana: Thank you.

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