The Guide to the Other Side

Part 11: Are pendulums and other divination tools a reliable source for getting intuitive guidance?

Kirk: There are many tools we can use to gather intuitive information. We were presented with a question regarding one potential tool: the pendulum. Here is today's question:

Question: Is it possible to contact your spirit guide using the pendulum?

Kirk: Before we explore that question, Alana, I would like to give a quick description of a pendulum for those who do not know about, or who have not had experience with, a pendulum.

Imagine that you have a string or chain that is approximately 2 - 6 inches long. Attached to the end is an object that has some weight. The object could be made of crystal, stone, metal, or any dense material that is relatively heavy. Now imagine making a decision that if the object swings in one direction it is an indication of a "Yes" answer, and if it swings in the other direction, it is a "No" answer. Now imagine yourself holding the string end of the pendulum with a few fingers of one of your hands, relaxing your wrist, and allowing the object on the end to freely swing. You are now in the stance to begin practicing with the pendulum.

Now let's describe the mechanics of the pendulum a little more. It only takes a tiny amount of hand movement, directed from your unconscious mind, to swing the object and receive your answers. You want your unconscious mind to make the movements since this is the aspect of your being that is directly connected to your intuitive abilities.

You might choose a clockwise circle for Yes and a counter-clockwise circle for No, or the other way around if you prefer. Or a side-to-side movement could be a Yes, and a movement to and away from your body could be a No. Once you determine the pattern, you can begin to ask questions and receive answers.

One easy way to begin is by asking questions to which you consciously know the answer. For example, I could ask, "My name is Kirk." I should see the object move in accordance with the Yes pattern. If I ask, "My name is Betty," I should see a No movement of the pendulum. There are many other uses for a pendulum, but this use is one of the easiest to start playing with. Once you set up these basics, you can practice building your intuition by using a pendulum. The main key is to let go of conscious (logical, linear, rational, left-brain) control and allow your unconscious mind to move your hand and thus swing the pendulum.

The same fundamental principles used in a pendulum are also used in any kind of "dowsing" technology. In addition, there are many other tools that people can use to help them build their intuition. For example, someone can set up hypnotic "ideomotor signals" or use "muscle testing." I won't go into these at the moment, and will save them for another time.

Now that we have an understanding of the pendulum, let's go back the question: "Is it possible to contact your spirit guide using the pendulum?"

Alana: Yes, Kirk, a pendulum can be used to align with intuition and can therefore be used to connect with spirit guides. Many people began exploring their unconscious abilities by first using tools like pendulums, which are able to respond to the unconscious direction of the senses. But it does take some time and practice to develop skill with the pendulum. It's very easy to override unconscious intuitive responses with conscious desire. A person has to empty their mind from preferences to receive a clear response from the pendulum. Once a person obtains the skill to use a pendulum without consciously affecting the answers, it can be a wonderful tool.

When someone first begins using the pendulum to connect with their intuition--in a clear, open, and allowing way--they will first receive intuitive messages that are guided by their inner senses. Next, they will find it easier to connect to their higher self. Next, their higher self will guide them to a connection with their spirit guide, if that is what they intend. It usually takes consistent practice-play and gradual skill development to become proficient at these kinds of intuitive arts.

There are also many other divination tools that can be useful for exploring guidance from the non-visible planes. Perhaps we can discuss some of the various oracles and divination tools in an upcoming series.

Kirk: I know our readers would enjoy that. Is there anything else you would like to add to help answer this question on the use of the pendulum to align with our spirit guides?

Alana: Whenever a person finds a tool like the pendulum that they are comfortable with, they increase their ability to access and use their intuition. Skill builds and then other tools will present themselves. It is wise to always keep an open mind, enjoy the process of exploration, and to be in awe at the many ways spirit guides are willing to communicate.

Kirk: Thank you, Alana. It was wonderful chatting with you.

Alana: Thank you for this opportunity to be present.

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