The Guide to the Other Side

Part 10: Are people ever Angels?

Kirk: Hello, Alana.

Alana: Greetings, Dear One.

Kirk: I thought it might be helpful for us to continue our exploration on the topic of angels in human form.

Alana: Yes, we only touched on the subject in our previous dialogue. What would you like to discuss, Kirk?

Kirk: In my private practice I have the privilege of working therapeutically with several people I feel are angelic beings. One of the things I've learned is that many of them are learning about boundaries. It seems there is much confusion between caring for others--what is often called selfless service--and caring for themselves. These angels in human form are learning they matter as much as others. They are transcending one of the oldest confusions of consciousness: self versus others.

Many spiritual and religious traditions, for example, preach a preference of other over self. "It is better to give than receive." If that is true, the giver is selfish because they've robbed the receiver of the best blessing. Instead, I prefer to see giving and receiving as a lovely, reciprocal exchange of energy. Basically, I see many angelic souls giving to everyone but themselves. They often end up in very unbalanced situations, sometimes even feeling guilty they haven't done enough.

Alana: Yes, this is true. Please continue, Kirk.

Kirk: Well, it seems like they're learning to love themselves, through self-care, so they have the "fuel" to love others. My sense is that they need to understand the laws that govern existence in the earth plane. Nourishing their bodies by eating healthy, live food, for example, helps them have the fuel to help others. Developing friendships with people who know how to both give and receive--not just receive--helps create a balanced life. It seems it is often much easier for angelic beings to self-sacrifice and give to others, than to direct the same amount of compassion and love towards themselves.

Alana, would you say that angelic beings who have come into physical form in the earth plane are learning how to outwardly express their angelic intentions of love, and at the same time, learning to love themselves?

Alana: Yes, Kirk, I would. As we know, many angelic beings are here on the planet with an intention to serve others. At the same time, they are learning how to do this and still honor and love themselves. Because the earth is often such a dualistic place, the environment supports polarity thinking, like self versus other, and giving versus receiving.

Because the contrast of opposites is a powerful teacher, on another level there is a movement on the planet where consciousness is awakening. We are realizing that when we invest in self-love, self-care, self-nurture, we can then give and express more. When a person is filled with self, they are also filled with spirit.

Now, when I refer to self, I am not talking about mental interpretations of self. I am not talking about the ego, logic, or reasoning. I am not discounting those parts of our nature, but this is another topic. I am addressing the topic of how angelic energies learn how to be in a body. As they remember the importance of how to love and nurture the self through heart-mind balance, they empower themselves to contribute more love and light on all levels.

Kirk: I am getting a feeling there might be a grand collective intention going on here. We have angelic beings incarnating, but having to learn to set boundaries and love themselves. Indeed, many of these angelic beings have had very difficult lives. At the same time, issues of abuse and neglect are becoming known on a global scale. Through the media and other information channels, like the Internet, spotlights are being directed at the dark side of humanity. My sense is that the angels are helping to bring these issues to light, and at the same time learn valuable soul lessons.

Alana: Very observant, Kirk. You see, things are not always what they seem. Spirit has many ways in which it can work.

Kirk: If someone who is reading these words is curious if perhaps they might have an angelic soul, what are some of the questions they could ask?

Alana: They could ask themselves what some of their greatest values are. Discovering their highest values will give them some strong hints. Here are some of the qualities angelic souls tend to value, and what you may experience when in their presence:

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, loyalty, honesty, humility, respect for nature, the need to be in nature, respect, lightness, helpfulness, compassion, empathy, sensitivity, creativity, love of pleasure, humor, a childlike nature, keen observational skills, intuition, timeless wisdom, and imagination.

Angels like to listen, express themselves (once they get over shyness), nurture, bring forth beauty, and connect at the heart level. And much, much more.

Kirk: Wonderful description, Alana. Thanks much and we'll talk to you soon.

Alana: Bye, Kirk.

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