The Guide to the Other Side

In a series of 17 segments, this series provides answers to heart-felt questions on a variety of topics relating to the other side.

We begin with the subject of Spirit Guides. We will learn to distinguish the the subtle differences we receive from the guidance of our spirit guides. We will learn about some of the energies we may encounter along the way, including: our higher self, angels, inner parts of our subconscious, departed loved ones, and other nonphysical entities.

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Enjoy your journey as you develop your intuitive senses while getting in touch with your spiritual and angelic mess angers!

  1. How do we identify Spirit Guides?
  2. What are other ways we can identify Spirit Guides?
  3. Why do Spirit Guides want to communicate with us, and what are their intentions?
  4. Do Spiritual Guides ever tell us what to do?
  5. How do we connect with other people's Spirit Guides?
  6. How do we know if we are really receiving useful intuitive information?
  7. Can spiritual guides physically interact with us physically and are birds, butterflies, and dragonflies sometimes spiritual mess angers?
  8. Can our Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides appear to us physically?
  9. Do our Spirit Guides sometimes take human form?
  10. Are people ever Angels?
  11. Are pendulums and other divination tools a reliable source for getting intuitive guidance?
  12. Can we be physically harmed or attacked by psychic negative energy and if so what can we do to protect ourselves?
  13. Does meditation help heighten our intuition and ability to develop psychically?
  14. Are there really ghosts among us, and if we have a near death experience (NDE) do we really go to the other side?
  15. How do we become aware if someone on the other side wants to communicate with us?
  16. When we die and are in the afterlife are we capable of reading the minds of those who are living?
  17. What does the reality of the afterlife appear like once we move on?