Born with Clairvoyance: "The Boy Who Saw True"

It is not often that you come across a truly delightful first hand account of a clairvoyants experiences growing up as a child with psychic gifts.

My son found this book and gave it to me. It is a once in a lifetime book, and differs materially from other books written on Spiritualism and kindred subjects. It is one of those books that you hate to put down. "The Boy Who Saw True," by Cyril Scott, is just wonderful and I love the fact that it was keep intact in its original form.

This story is the diary of a young boy born with clairvoyance who could see auras and spirits, yet failed to realize that other people were not similarly gifted. Consequently he was misunderstood and had to suffer many indignities. It reveals the thoughts and emotions of a Victorian youngster, brought up in the 1800's prior to the "naughty nineties".

Before his death, the diarist's wife persuaded him to let the diary be published. He finally agreed, but made certain stipulations. For example, even though the spelling is bad (I think it is one of the beauties about this book) the original spellings were to remain the same. The book was not to be published until several years after his death, and some of the names were altered since he did not wish to cause any embarrassment to surviving relatives and acquaintances.

This is one of those books on clairvoyance and psychic awareness that I highly recommend. I have read it about nine times, and each time is as good as the first.

Review by Janet Leflet