Recently my boyfriends best friend passed away. Two nights after his friends death my boy friends best friend came to me in my dreams. I could hear him asking me to tell my boyfriend a number of things. Do you have any insight on this kind of thing? Why do they seem to choose to speak to me? Help!(4 minutes, 21 seconds)

I have for several weeks now noticed the number 11 or multiples of 11 almost daily or every 2-3 days. I wanted to know the significance of this and what I am supposed to learn from it. I am intrigued. (3 minutes, 10 seconds)

I have been told throughout all my life by my father that I have psychic abilities. If I am truly psychic, how do I cultivate it? How do I learn to use it? (2 minutes, 55 seconds)

All my life I have had signs of clairvoyance, but since I was raised in a conservative Protestant home I never shared my premonitions and visions with anyone. Is this better kept to myself? (4 minutes, 29 seconds)

Can you describe the relationship that is developing with "Max"? He is a crystal skull and I am now able to communicate with him on a subtle level. I would appreciate your response as many other might learn from this experience. (4 minutes, 21 seconds)

My guide informed me that I am to begin to open to different entities and energies to speak through me! There was a great fear of this for the past 9 months or so, but I do believe that I am now ready to open to this new experience. (3 minutes, 16 seconds)