A Little History of Wicca and the Relationship to Fairies

The practice of Wicca was popularized by a retired British civil servant, Gerald Gardner in 1954. It is a belief system set in motion by a reverence for the earth and the natural order of the universe and stems from a secret mystery religion that had existed in secret for hundreds of years.

Often misunderstood and highly villianized by Hollywood as Satanists, witches (in the worst sense, or kooks who communicate with the dark side, sacrifice children, and wreck havoc on their neighbors with the help of black cats and faeries. Wicca simply means "to bend", and these practitioners, whether solitary or part of a group, want only to be let alone to commune with the earth and forces of nature.

Practitioners of Wicca celebrate and acknowledge the passing of the seasons, remembering a time when all that grew and provided sustenance was determined by simple things such as rainfall and the condition of the soil. There is much more to it than that, but for this article we will concern ourselves only with their involvement with the Wicca Faery. It is no wonder that they would find comfort and friendship in communicating with Fairies (sometimes FAERY or FAERIES, using the old English spelling) and other natural spirits of the woods and gardens.

If you can get the fairies to trust you, they can be of great help with spells and take a certain amount of pride and vanity in showing off their abilities, but they don't make friends easily, especially with humans. After all, humans are responsible for tearing up much of their habitat and for the most part can't be trusted. Wiccan faeries are not differentiated from other fairies because, in effect, all fairies are wiccan because wiccans are pagan and fairies are pagan, if you remember the definition of "pagan" is simply "those who live in the grove." The term simply referred to villages that were settled far away from the main gates of the town, and so did not become as "Christianized" through the Crusades as readily. They were also very unwilling to give up their reverence for the deities whom they believed were responsible for their crops success.

Don't bother with love spells or prosperity spells when asking the fairies for help. They are pure energy and so have no concept of love as something outside themselves. They also are not concerned with material possessions for the same reason. What they are into is health and nature, so if you need rain for your plants or a specific herb to grow well in order to make tea for an ailing friend or family member, the fairies are more than willing to help, if they trust you and you leave them a sugary little snack.

One last thought on fairies. They are the focus of many legends, and some of them are none too kind. While fairies are mischievous, there are no "bad" faeries. Wicca teaches that there is no good or bad; else what you personally deem. Therefore, there are no evil fairies, unless you think of their pranks as evil.