Fairies in Art with Nene Thomas Fairies

The Pacific Northwest must be home to many fairies, as they are available to inspire some of the best fairy artists in the business. While Amy Brown hails from Bellingham, Washington, Nene Thomas got her start when approached by "Wizards of the Coast" of Renton, Washington to contribute her Nene Thomas fairies to the immensely popular Magic: The Gathering card game. She then went on to do Shadowfist, Galactic Empires, Tempest of the Gods, and Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, among others.

Recently Nene has expanded her work from strictly watercolors to digital media. As her ambition has always been to "Perfectly Capture" the images from her mind's eye on paper, she continues to exceed with breathtaking pictures, backgrounds, and the delicate, exquisite beauty of her fairies. The fairy foal is particularly imaginative; a brown and white tiny horse who has sprouted fairy wings.

Fairies in art have made their place as the hall of fame for fantasy lovers everywhere. There are few fantasy comic and game lovers who do not have a fairy print or two up on their walls or a ceramic fairy in the living room. And Thomas's fairies are definitely apart from the rest. Her fairy illustrations can still be seen on Magic cards, but she also now has T-Shirts, coffee mugs, and a host of other fairy goodies for you and the other fairies in your circle.

You can add Nene Thomas's fairy collection to yours by visiting www.nenethomas.com, where you can read more about her biography and purchase everything from framed, matted prints to fairy key chains. A great item featured on her website is the transparent stickers, see the spider one, or check out the beautiful fairies and butterflies which make a great gift to stick inside one of the greeting cards for an extra gift that someone can put on their car or nursery window.

If you are one who loves the magic of fairies, then be sure and explore this fine NW artist's magical creations.

To find an assortment of Fairy Items visit > Nene Thomas Fairies.