Natural Fibers in Goddess Dresses and Clothing

Today gauzy tops and skirts can be referred to as Goddess clothing often created for earth loving people who enjoy wearing natural fibers and materials that are not man made rather than made of synthetic fibers and polyester.

The truth is that the billowy dresses and comfortable mumu type wear is as old as the Roman times, and were gathered together at the waist with braided belts. This wasn't about fashion in these times as it was because about the cloth. This material was easy to take care of and easy to remove. It had nothing to do with fashion, per se.

We are inspired by the Goddesses for comfortable clothing for everyday wear and celebration because it reminds those of use who consider ourselves earth stewards of a simpler time, when natural fibers were the only fibers to use in the making of our clothes. It was not to prove a point, protect the environment, or make us feel like we are doing the right thing; it was because natural fibers such as cotton and linen were the only game in town. Nowadays this type of clothing can be typecast as hippie clothes by some.

The association with "Hippie" clothing and goddess wear dates back to, you guessed it, a time when natural fibers experienced resurgence as a revolt against the manmade fibers of "The Establishment." Ah, the sixties. It is quite interesting that while natural fibers should be fairly inexpensive (hemp should be really inexpensive, in fact, it's so easy to grow) trendy boutiques sell imported cotton goddess dresses from India for over a hundred bucks a pop, and you can bet that unless they belong to 10,000 villages or another free trade association that the locals who make this clothing are not seeing that kind of a profit. It is wonderful to support village artists, when they are earning their fair share.

Happiness is a free flowing skirt or dress. Men look great in a drawstring linen shirt. Goddess clothing is wonderful, and flowing clothes will most likely stay in style forever. Whether you follow the new fashion guidelines, and spend hundreds on a dress, or are a bargain shopper, goddess type clothing is bound to influence designers because of it's elegance and comfort.