Fantasy Art Fairies as Illustrations Make Beautiful Greeting Cards

A very popular genre of art right now is fantasy art. Made popular by science fiction and fantasy comic book illustrations, these magical and supernatural drawings now have a genre all their own apart from speculative fiction. Wizards, dragons and fantasy art fairies are the characters that largely make up the illustrations of these talented artists. In fact most of "fan art" are pieces that are inspired by or made to represent characters in fantasy fiction. This is a very large and popular subculture and there are many different websites for them, one of the most popular for men being "Elfwood."

Fairies and fantasy go hand in hand. Some of the earliest fantasy drawings depicted fairies and they are a large part of Irish, Scottish, and German folklore. These fanciful little creatures have had cautionary stories told about them handed down from Grandmother to mother to daughter since the days of the ancient Celts. Long before they were made into drawings and ceramic figures, the fairies that flit through the woods and hide in the tall grass of the garden were considered to be dangerous if angered or insulted, and so generations told tales of unlucky humans who had insulted them. Some were spirited away to work in the fairy mines or to weave shelters out of grass, and so you must never go past the grove of trees at the end of the pasture, or never wander far from home, and certainly never speak to a fairy unless you are spoken to first. They may be cute and delicate, but they are also a little arrogant.

Fantasy art fairies can be found online, at the summer street fairs, and in your local book or metaphysical shop. As you flit about, you just might fill a fantasy or two.