The Magical Names of Faeries

New parents spend hours trying to come up with the perfect name for their baby. With faeries, it's different. Their little fairy is often named for the area that they are born in, or a part of the tribe. Names of Faeries are simple and often the meanings have to do with what is expected of baby fairy.

Human names are often found in fairy lore and legend, or, if you prefer, fairy names have made it into the human world. Names like Lily and Rose are common fairy and human names. Let's explore some "fey folk" names and their meanings. We'll start with Celtic Gaelic faeries because they seem to be the most common.

  • Breena: Fairy Land
  • Donella: dark-haired elfin girl
  • Eolande: Violet Flower
  • Raisie: Diminutive of Rose
  • Rhoswen: White Rose
  • Rosina: little rose
  • Shaylee: Fairy princess of the field
  • Siusan: Lily

As you can see, Irish fairies choose flower names for their girls. The boy's names are often warrior type names or have to do with lineage.

  • Elvin: Friend of Elves.
  • Hefeydd: Is a myth name (father of Rhiannon).
  • Kalen, Kailen, Kalan, Kallan, Kheelan, Kellen: Are all warriors.
  • Oren, Orin: Means fairy, pale-skinned or pine tree.

Other fairy names have a decidedly Latin undertone. Like most old English names, they are derived from original language. If you want some really good fairy first names, however, I would recommend taking a peek at the old Elfquest comic books.

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You can also find a wonderful "quiz" regarding your knowledge of fairies and elves at The site is just plain fun for anyone who loves the little folk and is interested in the names of faeries and their origins.