Fairies and Dreams - Fairy Music to Sooth the Soul

Celtic music, sometimes called fairy music, is a soothing combination of harps, flutes, lutes, and other stringed or wind instruments designed to be the background music for a relaxed life. While most people think of Ireland when they hear the word Celtic, the term actually applies to all of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, as well as the Cornish and Gaelic people and much further than even those.

Fretted instruments are often associated with the ancient Celtic music, but most of the instruments actually originated in Greece long before becoming popular in the Celtic tradition as mandolins or banjos, and as long as we're on the subject, Celtic is pronounced with a hard "K" unless you are a sports fan.

"Traditional" Celtic music instruments are fiddles and flutes, accordions, and the other instruments listed above. At one time they were present at every big deal in the Isles and beyond. Today with the rise in popularity of the "New Age" of music, they have been turned largely into meditation tapes and CD's and sold in the self help sections of book stores as well as the instrumental sections of your local record store (do they still call them "record" stores?)

Stephen Rhodes has been putting out his version of Celtic music CD's since 1997. His first album was titled "First Love" and is a collection of soothing music that has been reviewed as excellent meditation music to help you fall asleep. The latest inspiring faeries and dreams by Stephen Rhodes CD is called "Music for Healing" which hit the stands in 2005 and has had equally good reviews.

Not all good fairy and sleeping music is out in the meditation section of the store. "Fairytale" is a 1987 release of instrumental music by world renowned musician and vocalist Enya. Fairytale by Enya can be found in the Enya section as well as the instrumental section.

Some other Celtic music CD's are a compilation of various artists and have a great eclectic set of both soothing and more upbeat sounds. These CD's are perfect for listening to while out in the garden, where the fairies can enjoy them along with you. Two of the best are "The Celtic Circle" and "Mystic Irish Rain." The perfect out door fairy music to have at your next morning dew and fairy circle celebrations!