Fairy Gifts for Everybody - Incense Burners, Night Lights, and Posters

There's so much to say about fairy gifts. For the people on your shopping list who are attracted to the whimsy and lightheartedness of the fey folk, there are fairy gifts available for every type of fairy lover and every age.

Now remember that we are talking about the traditional, sweet looking pixie fairies for most of the collectors. The Tinkerbelle type of fairies found in light fairytales and in nursery schools. There are, however, darker, gothic-like fairies for those collectors as well.

These darker fairies have their place. Mischievous and tricksters, they serve as a reminder that while most fairies are playful and friendly, get on their bad side and watch out! They can sour your milk, unwind your yarn, and pull cat's tails. Their likeness can be found on fairy incense burners in the fantasy section of the collectable store next to the wizards and the angry looking elves.

Fairy night lights make excellent baby shower gifts and are used to comfort and watch over the new baby as she is sleeping. Not all early stories involving faeries depict them as baby snatching changeling bringers. That is only one type of faery. The rest will be happy to watch her as she sleeps and keep cats from sitting on her chest and sucking her breath.

Fairy posters can be found on the walls of a ten year olds room and pictures of fairies hang in doctor's offices and other waiting rooms are meant to calm and provide protection. Fairy books and calendars make great gifts for children who love to be read to or the office mate who has the figurines across her desk. Because people who collect fairies tend to buy the figurines, a coffee table book makes a great gift.

Why do people collect fairies? I have a couple of friends that do, and they say that the fairies in their homes remind them of a simpler time, when the earth was pure and there was no pollution. They represent magick, fantasy, and serve as a reminder that through all of the nasty things that happen in the world, the little fairies are still in their gardens, still appreciate the finer, simpler things in life such as sugar cubes, and remind them not to take life quite so seriously. That alone is a wonderful reason to present them with fairy gifts.