Pixies, Fairies, Elves...Oh My!

Pixies, Fairies, Elves .. Oh My.

The fairy figurine first made it into the homes of little girls everywhere following the release of Walt Disney's Peter Pan. Tinkerbelle was sweet, light, beautiful, a little jealous, and in love with Peter Pan. Before that, fairies were a part of lore and legend and were depicted largely through paintings and illustrations. The typical fairy looks much like the Disney version. They are small, brightly clothes, and have long flowing hair which they often wear up around their pointed ears.

Figurines and porcelain fairy dolls are collected by girls of all ages. They sit on the mantles of our homes and live as statues in our gardens, watching over the flowers and us as we tinker around. Miniature fairy figurines live on the dashboards of our cars as little protectors and hang from our babies cribs to watch over them while they sleep.

In a nutshell (you can find them there, too, by the way) humans have gone crazy collecting these beauties, but did you know that not all fairies are small or cute? The Sidhe of Ireland consist of the tiny fairies, but also have some as large as humans. The banshee is from the fairy family, and I doubt anyone wants her sitting on the dashboard of the car.

And so alas, it is only the pretty little fairies that have made it as collectibles, the closest we get to the more unpopular fairies are garden gnomes, who would be very insulted to have anyone refer to them as fairies.

The littler, friendly looking fairies are the pixies, the smallest of the fairy clan, but don't be fooled by there smiles and their delicate wings. This is the fairy who is the most likely to come alive at night and throw your mending around the house and tip over your garbage (and you thought it was the dog; she was probably riding on his back and made him do it).

Elves typically do not have wings, and therefore make great additions to rock gardens and like to sit at the edge of fish ponds. Elves are avid fishermen, but always practice catch and release. Ceramic elves at the side of your fountain will ensure that your family always has enough to eat.