Creating Fairy Illustrations from Fairy Dolls

Fairy dolls have been popular since before Disney first came out with the little dolls that represented their favorite fairy, Tinkerbelle. The dolls are collected by both young and old and are kept through the homes of people who are touched by the fairy lore, and the promise of magick.

Amy Brown has developed beautiful fairies in the form of dolls and drawings, and uses everything for the inspiration for her work. Amy Brown Fairies have been used as part of the backdrop for the television show "My Name is Earl" and in the movie "Inhabited."

On her website, Amy touches on how to turn your inspirations for fairy drawings into the real thing. She insists that cheap paint and other materials have, quote "a negative effect on your work." They break down over time. She is also quick to point out that she can't really say how to turn the ideas into works of art, because she is not a teacher and has had no formal training in watercolor, the medium she likes to use for the illustrations and drawings in her portfolio.

But she does give some hints. She creates a rough draft of her newest fairy in several different poses and then makes photocopies in a couple of different sizes, and then she goes to work on the watercolors and works until she is happy with the result. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes, sometimes it takes days. She also does something unusual for artists; she works on several drawings at once, and admittedly does this in part to her becoming bored easily. You can read about Amy's journey from inspiration to print by visiting her website.

The dolls are another matter. They are fun, brilliant, and best of all, dressable. You can purchase fairy clothing in the form of Lacy black or blue teddies and an assortment of fairy undergarments as well as the more modern clothing that fairy dolls are wearing today.