Tinkerbelle Fairies and the World of Disney

Tinkerbelle fairies and the other Disney Fairies were first introduced to the world during the classic film, Peter Pan. Peter even explains to Wendy where they originated;"...when the first baby laughed for the very first time, its laugh shattered into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about. And that was the beginning of fairies..."

The beginning of fairies as a part of the Disney family, anyway. People all over the world have fairy stories to tell. They are popular in Ireland, where in the medieval days fairies were blamed for pranks that went on in the farmyard. These sprits where blamed for milk going sour, vegetables coming out of the ground in weird shapes, and of course, the unusual colors found in some of the indigenous flowers found growing on the Emerald Isle.

The fairies are collected by people from all over and all walks of life, from the smallest girl to businesswomen, Tinkerbelle and her friends offer the memory of a simpler time for some, and the belief in the ability of miracles for others.

They live in fairy hollow, and of the thousands of fairies out there, Tink has several very special friends who we will learn about today, beginning with Tinkerbelle herself.

Tinkerbelle Fairy has a quick temper and can be prone to practical jokes. She is incredibly loyal to the people she loves, especially Peter, who is her best friend. Her favorite color is copper and got her name because she specializes in fixing pots and pans! (I'll bet you didn't know that one!) Tink loves to play fairy tag and eat pumpkin muffins. She has a kind heart and a strong sense of justice and fair play. She is one of the most popular of the Disney characters, and is responsible for the start of fairies as collectible items.

Beck can talk to the animals and feels more comfortable with them than around the other fairies. She is a shy little fairy who likes dandelions and acorn pancakes. One of her friends is Bess, who loves to paint but gets very messy from it! Like most fairies, Bess loves to share her work with the others but hates any kind of criticism. Disney Fairies are very sensitive, you know.

Another close friend of Tinkerbelle's is Rani, who has many pockets in her gowns to hold the many handkerchiefs that she uses to blow her nose. Rani is particularly sensitive and cries easily. She is impulsive and often finishes other fairies sentences for them. All of the Disney fairies, each with their own characteristics are meant to inspire and encourage little girls all over the world. They have done a wonderful job and have homes in girl's rooms in the forms of figurines, books, posters, and other collective memorabilia including Tinkerbelle fairies, too.