A Feast of Fantasy for the Fairy Lover - Amy Brown Faeries

Amy Brown never grew up imagining that she would be an artist, she simply assumed that it would turn out that way. Now Amy Brown Fairies figurines and artwork appears all over the world, including in a couple fantasy movies.

Born in Bellingham, Washington in 1972, Amy had inspiration for her fairies from the exquisite nature of the Pacific Northwest. Once she gets an idea in her head, she sketches the penciled fairy and then fills in the shading, leaving the color for last. She often works on several pieces at one time.

Amy Brown faeries are delicate, detailed, and some dress quite unlike the traditional fairy of the Disney cartoons. They are attracted to everything from hot pants to black lace teddies, and have taken to riding bubbles along with being able to fly. Her garden fairies wear brilliantly colored outfits and her collection of fairies depicting the four elements of earth; air, wind, and fire make a great addition for any collector. The diva collection is particularly good; I like the Crescent moon and foxglove fairies the best. You can find all of Amy's collection online.

Along with fairy sketches and ceramic fairies to dangle through your home, you will find fairy night lights and a line of fairy dolls. The dolls come with their own little garb, but you can also buy them extra clothes to change into at their whim. The clothes include capes and hot pants, lace and gowns, all beautifully crafted and designed to fit every fairy in the doll collection.

For a real treat as a gift for the fairy loving cook in your family, Amy has the pepper diva, the salt diva, and the sugar diva. The cinnamon diva is red and brown, and you can purchase little stands for them to hang on. This is particularly neat and appropriate,as much as fairies like sweets, who'd have thought to create fairies depicting spices.

For those of you who like jewels, there is a collection of pearl and other jeweled fairies, and an assortment of holiday fairies. There are also naughty, nice, pouty, and bratty fairies. You can even add Amy's fairies to your checkbook, to your windows in the form of stained glass fairies, as a coffee mug, or even your body as peel and stick tattoos.

For a real treat view a large assortment of Amy Brown Faeries.

The fairy pendants and oils make great gifts,the oils come in beautiful translucent jars. And of course, there are a number of prints and T-Shirts to choose from, as well. The boxed tin sets have 12 cards in four different images, and complete your fairy collection. Amy Brown fairies are so unique and original that they would make a wonderful gift for the special fairies in your life.