Awareness & Enlightenment

My question concerns the concept of "the Goddess." I have been seeing that term in many sources lately. I sometimes feel like a goddess.

How do we find love in life?

How do I learn to really love myself. I have spent a lifetime of being interested and involved in other peoples lives but not my own. (4 minutes, 35 seconds)

I can't feel love. I feel so blocked and have only experienced fleeting moments of experiencing love...

How do we feel the love within? What can one do to connect better with that reservoir of love? Is it a different feeling than what we know love to feel, already?

I am always worrying about the past or fantasizing about the future. How can I overcome this inability to stay present and enjoy the reality of my life? (4 minutes, 25 seconds)

The definition of enabling is putting someone's needs ahead of your own, and doing for others what they are capable of doing for themselves. I hear that this can also describe a pure love...Why this dichotomy?

I keep getting the message that I need to accept the dark side of myself. Is this dark side my fears, my judgments of what is right and wrong?

How do I find my way to the innermost recesses of my heart?

Alana, I have heard the comment many times that "Enlightenment is a joke". Could you please give me some insight as to what this really means and if it is true? (2 minutes, 54 seconds)

To be awake is something I want to experience in my life.