Earth Transformation

Listen to a special message directly from Alana regarding the events of the September 11th, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States. (13 minutes, 32 seconds)

It's Dec 31, 2000, and it is New Years Eve day. Sandy and I/Kirk are here in our home office studio and we are having a conversation with Alana about the upcoming year 2001. (24 minutes, 03 seconds)

About three years ago I read that the world will experience a Shift Change (a change in Axis rotation) and that this will occur sometime between 2000-2030. Can you shed some light on this? (4 minutes,32 seconds)

There seems to be a lot of cosmic clutter about. What is the real story with 11 August 1999 and from thence on? (4 minutes,32 seconds)

I am wondering about the new millennium, what will happen to us, the human race. Should we believe what the government and media tell us that we have nothing to worry about, or will it be as I fear, that our basic needs will not be served? (4 minutes,32 seconds)

We hear all kinds of doom and gloom about our planet. The Green House Effect is one. How do we know that the warming isn't just one of the many long term cycles the earth goes through? (2 minutes,43 seconds)

I have noticed in your responses to questions people ask, that the individual is referred to as a being. While I have personally accepted the fact of other planetary beings other than earthly beings could you elaborate on the subject. (3 minutes, 24 seconds)

Can you tell me what you see energetically for earth changes in 1999 and will I make occupation changes as well. (3 minutes, 10 seconds)

Alana, can you give us some idea of the outlook of 1999? (9 minutes, 8 seconds)

Dear Alana, recently there was a report of a very large, mysterious luminous event in outer space.

What is the cosmic role that the Internet is playing in bringing us into the New World and how do you see it evolving?

What can an individual person do to help bring peace to Kosovo? I know that we all co-create our experiences, but the situation there leaves me feeling helpless and sad. (3 minutes, 54 seconds)

Alana I have a sense that our country is learning some very important lessons in the Bill Clinton impeachment debate. I am wondering how you would describe the core intention of what this country and perhaps the world wants to learn? (7 minutes, 1 second)