How do people discern if a "message" is truly from Spirit or is coming from someone's ego?

Keeping secrets from the people you love is not supposed to be good for relationships according to many sources I have read. If I did some things that I'm not proud of when I was a young person.

When things seem to be going good for me, it seems like I wish bad things to happen. I don't understand but it is like I have a self destruct button. (3 minutes, 55 seconds)

My problem is this, when I receive an answer from the universe that does not make my heart sing, should I follow the lead or follow my other belief that states that we create our own reality? I feel torn between my faith in the universe to lead me and my power to create. (4 minutes, 47 seconds)

The Priceless Gifts Within Each of Your Judgments (4 minutes, 36 seconds)

How can I keep from judging others? In addition, how can I keep from being at the effect of their judging me?