Departed Loved Ones

My question is around preparing loved ones for the passing of my mother. I am also being faced with a more difficult task and that is to respect her choice to be cremated.

My mother died and the family was with her. I saw her spirit leave her body. It come right up to me like it was trying to enter my body. Why did I see this and no one else saw it? (3 minutes, 03 seconds)

My father committed suicide when I was 23 months old. Does my father feel sorry for what he has done. Can he see me? Will I ever see him? (3 minutes, 44 seconds)

Dear Alana, my father passed a few years ago. He died from cancer, I was praying that it would be peacefully in his sleep but it didn't turn out that way. (3 minutes, 48 seconds)

Can my wife and I communicate? If we can communicate can it be done during her transformation period or would it be after this time and how would we communicate? (4 minutes, 28 seconds)

How is my friend on the otherside doing and does he have a message for me? (3 minutes, 43 seconds)

My son passed to the other side 22 months ago. I have been researching everything I can on the spirit world. Can you tell me anything to help my search for him? (3 minutes, 36 seconds)

My dear father passed away recently. I am finding it difficult to accept the reality of no more physical presence. (3 minutes, 49 seconds)

I miss my daughter so much. It has been 9 years since her death from SIDS and my heart still hurts and aches for her. Why did she have to go at only one month old? (3 minutes, 03 seconds)

January 2nd I lost my wife and soul mate. One thing we talked about was remarrying if one of us passed away. I think she may be somehow urging me in that direction buy my chart shows this would not be a good direction during the next seven years. (4 minutes, 17 seconds)

I have been learning about life after death and that our loved ones can send us signs. Is he still sending me signs that I haven't been picking up on? (3 minutes, 17 seconds)

My father past away on 23 February, 1996 in a road accident. I want to know where is he now? Do dead people have emotions? Do they feel the pain of leaving their loved ones behind? (3 minutes, 26 seconds)

Alana, my Mom passed away last December 22nd, 1997 and I would like to know how she is. (2 minutes, 57 seconds)

I would like you to speak about death and eternity. I have been told that this is my last experience as a human. But that I will have work to do, none-the-less, when I move on. Would you please comment, and possibly elaborate, on this? (4 minutes, 36 seconds)