Decision Making

What do I do when I haven't a clue. I'm in a long-term relationship of twenty years but I feel as if things have run their course... 

Months ago you suggested that I simplify my life and follow what brings me joy. I have tried to sever ties with two men who both plead with me to remain friends. As I seek work that fills my heart is this all intertwined somehow? (4 minutes, 27 seconds)

We have been living together for two and a half years. Yesterday, she brought up the question of marriage. I felt as though getting married would close all of these doors. At the same time, I am very much in love with her and can't imagine living without her. How can I know what the "right" thing to do is? (5 minutes, 08 seconds)

I am getting bored and see the need in our organization for a Grant/Contract Manager. Currently there is no such position. Please suggest how I may propose this to my boss? (2 minutes, 25 seconds)

Hello Alana, I am 42 years of age and have four kids. I am feeling like I want to go out and do something different. I have an urge for freedom and want to do things just for me. I would like to take a job where I am not at home very much, should I take it? (2 minutes, 36 seconds)

My daughter of 4 years of age has many allergies, and has had them since birth. There is a woman who is an allergist who is alternative in her therapy of allergies and uses intuition to guide her. I'm wanting to know if I should bring yet another individual into my daughter's life for help with her allergies? (2 minutes, 39 seconds)

As a single woman in her thirties I am struggling to run my flat. The bills, the mortgage, etc. actually outweigh my income. Now I realize that I must sell up, sell/give away my possessions. Would you advise me to stay or sell up and a fresh start? (4 minutes, 47 seconds)

How do I balance my beliefs that say we create our own reality and the one that says let go and let God. How do I discern when it is time to make things happen (take action) and allow things to happen (waiting)? (3 minutes, 30 seconds)

What area of my life should I focus on next year? (3 minutes, 40 seconds)

How do you stop doubting yourself even when you know you have make a good decision? (3 minutes, 21 seconds)

I am considering a training that will take extensive resources in time and money. I also want to have a child in the same time period and worry.