I have three questions: I am grieving deeply for my 9 year old son who died suddenly almost two weeks ago. I lost my sixteen year old daughter in a boating accident 59 days ago. I have just had a baby boy, he is now nearly five weeks old and all we seem able to do is keep the pain and distress at a minimum.

I discovered, much to my surprise and utter joy, that I was pregnant. Unfortunately, several weeks later I suffered a miscarriage. I plunged into a deep depression and have been very sad ever since. (3 minutes, 34 seconds)

My little girl is going through a period of intense emotion right now and is very defiant in most everything that is asked of her and has temper tantrums daily. I am at such a loss in understanding what she is really wanting and why. I'm afraid of my anger and intense feelings that are growing daily. (6 minutes, 29 seconds)

My grandson is misbehaving and using negative language at school. What can we do to correct his behaviors towards the other kids and get him to listen to how he should behave while among other people? (4 minutes, 47 seconds)