Your Online Coach: Discovering Your Authentic Self

After years of listening to Alana's answers to heart-felt questions we see a need for free spiritual online courses to aid in personal growth. Discovering Your Authentic Self, is created to help our viewers create a greater sense of self-awareness and is like having your very own life coach for personal development. The course is designed to find genuine life purpose through the development of self-identity. It is a wonderful tool for finding inner peace and happiness in an ever changing world.

This powerful, personal journey is created as a process which is meant to be read in order.

  1. Getting out of Auto-Pilot
  2. Take Time to Affirm Who I Am
  3. If I Just Didn't Have To, I'd Be Happy If ...
  4. Allowing What I Receive To Be Present
  5. What Do I Truly Value in the World and Within Myself
  6. Incorporate My Values and Let Go of Distraction
  7. Turn Towards That Which I Choose To Create
  8. Trust & Transformation
  9. Working With Emotions & Course Summary

To enrich and deepen your experience, we combined the essence of the questions we received on the Discovering Your Authentic Self course. Next, the questions were presented to Alana. It was exciting to hear what Alana shared as she brought to life additional information for each of the steps in the process. This series is essential to further develop what you already learned and meant to read in order.

  1. Self Love and Awareness: Engaging the Heart
  2. Making a Commitment: Self Discovery and the Inner Critic
  3. The Darkside: Key to Powerful Revelations
  4. Authentic Core Values: Meeting Goals - Developing Talents
  5. Working with Your Senses: Eliminating Distractions and Finding Excitement
  6. Personal Development: From Unconscious to Becoming Conscious
  7. Moving Beyond the Comfort Zone: Becoming Authentic
  8. Working With Emotions: Finding Emotional and Energetic Balance