Trust & Transformation

Kirk: We are ready for the last step, Alana. How the pieces we discoverd complete the puzzle. How do we take all this information and actualize it without forgetting what we have discovered?

Step Ten - Trust and Transform

Alana: We are now at a place where we are very vulnerable. We are at the place where most people usually stop. We are so familiar living with the outer world being the mirror of how we measure our success, that it is difficult to trust that we are capable of measuring our success by the way we feel about our connection to our inner authenticity and values. What happens at this stage is our values and feelings begin to give us feedback. At the same time the outer world does not quite know what to think about the velocity and energy we are building within. We are shifting from our preconceived awareness of who we are, and measuring it from the outer world. We are switching to learning how to listen to our inner voice.

At this point many emotions can fill our body, and many emotions can come into our being. Emotions are very mental since they are giving us feedback that something within us is transforming and reorganizing. So applaud all of the emotions, and then begin to listen to your more subtle voice. Trust that your creative actions, rather than the emotional reactions, are beginning to build new momentum and new energy.

From this energy your life will transform. If you step into this state and can keep your center, while continuing with this process, in a very short period of time your outer world will begin mirroring your new nature that you have discovered and expressed--this nature that was already a seed within you.

Kirk: This tenth step reminds me of the transformation from the caterpillar to a butterfly. There are many things that happen in this process, and it must be very strange to be a caterpillar and then literally begin to turn into an entirely new expression.

Alana, how would you summarize this tenth step?

Alana: As vulnerability. I would describe it as vulnerability and willingness to surrender to joy even though the feedback you may getting on many levels may seem painful in ways. The pain is related to the parts of you that still wish to hold on to your old illusions. In this step there is also a willingness to surrender to possibility. Willingness to feel whatever lies within you when your emotions say you’re afraid. Willingness to turn towards that which you choose to create and experiment with possibility. Willingness to say no when something comes to you that isn't in alignment with where you want to go. All of these things.

You are now bringing all of the steps into this final step. What happens after this point is that you open up a door within yourself that has always been there you just weren’t able to see it. You open up and your observer steps in and becomes more active. You open up a connection to your soul's voice. You begin to realize your multi-dimensionality. You begin to discover that you are much vaster and much bigger than you ever dreamed possible. You have incredible skills and talents that you did not consciously realize or know how to effectively manifest from. This is when your light turns on.

Kirk: So this last step becomes the first step, like when the butterfly first takes flight and travels, in only a moment, farther than the caterpillar did in its entire lifetime. It's a realization of the eternal truth of our authentic self.

Alana: Yes it is a realization and an experience. It is the beginning of a whole new way of being. Alana invites you to recreate your life and enhance your life's journey by accompanying it with the authentic rhythm of your soul.

Kirk: Thanks Alana, this have been a wonderful journey! Would you like to help me summarize what we have learned?

Alana: Yes, Kirk! Let's do that ...

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