Working With Emotions: Finding Emotional and Energetic Balance

Kirk: Alana, I have a question here from a person who is following the course and has a question. I would like to read it to you.

Alana: Wonderful, please do.

Kirk: They write, "I am stuck, in transition between steps eight and ten! My focus has been on awareness, finishing up old stuff, creating new patterns, and listening to inner guidance. However, the flood of emotions associated with transformation sometimes clouds the issue. I meditate, do Tai Chi, yoga, Qigong, etc. I've created a lifestyle that supports my growth, yet my plug-up point is expressed in these words from Alana: "...willingness to feel whatever lies within you when your emotions say you are afraid." Can you please elaborate on what to do with all the emotions, so that I can get back to my authentic soul's voice?"

Alana: The jammed up emotion is a sign that it is time to go back to step one and do some affirming. By filling up your well, it can make you feel much stronger. When you affirm the kindness that exists within your being, and your beauty, you gain a deeper connection with your true source of power, which is really love. So begin by practicing step one.

Next refresh your memory of steps two, three, and four and then move to step five. Take some time to really get a sense of what you value. Repeating this step will add energy to your inner well.

Next participate in a release activity. It doesn't matter whether it's a healing modality that supports energetic balance, a physical activity that channels energy through your body, or a specific technique that facilitates emotional balance. As you continue to release, more balance should be moving into your body and mind.

On some days we have more energy than other days. So on the days that we feel emotionally overwhelmed, it tells us that we need to go to step one, as self love is always the first step. When we fill ourselves up with appreciation for who we are, it makes us stronger. Then as we create release, we begin to balance. This way we are able to feel whatever lies within us even when our emotions tell us we are afraid. Our emotions come from our mind's attachment to what we believe our feelings are telling us. And our feelings really want to point us to our values.

Kirk: One of the metaphors I think of regarding your suggestion is this: Think of the nature of our soul as pure water. On the bottom of our being is a some silt, or sometimes sludge, just from living in this collective earth plane. When a transformation process begins, our container gets shaken up. All of a sudden everything gets very cloudy. If you think about this metaphor, the water has not changed whatsoever. It is still pure water. It is simply holding this "stuff", and doesn't need to mean anything. When we use any type of balancing or clearing technique, we are actually filtering out what has been stirred up, that which has been activated and that which is really not us. However, it may feel like we are the sludge because it has been stirred up and mixed with our true essence, creating confusion.

Once we are able to filter the water, we don't have any less liquid. We are simply filtering out what is not us, and then the water becomes clear again. This kind of process often happens in a transformation process when a lot of stuff gets stirred up. We identify with what got stirred up, why it got stirred up, where it came from, and what our mind's might think is happening. Doing this then stirs even more stuff up!

Things will get stirred up as we get more in touch with whom we are. So, we are wise to remember to release. Every in breath is followed by an out breath. When we breathe in fresh air, we breathe out old "stuff". This doesn't mean a thing. We don't need to hold our breath and then analyze the meaning of all of the old air. We can just release it.

Alana: Well said and thank you Kirk. That is a beautiful and clear analogy for what occurs as we grow and discover! Our true and fully expressed natures are quite magnificent. When our authentic natures show up and share, it certainly makes the world a much brighter and happier place to live. We become examples to others, which is a powerful purpose in itself. By being an example of authenticity, our purpose falls into place. We are able to step into our Authentic Nature, and grand synchronicity follows.

Kirk: Thank you Alana for sharing the "Discovering your Authentic Self" series with us as well as the follow up series.

Alana: It has been my pleasure dear one.

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