Moving Beyond the Comfort Zone: Becoming Authentic

Kirk: It seems to me Alana that these ten steps to personal development are a practice that we can continue to strengthen over time. The more we work with the information we will gradually become more authentic.

Alana: Yes indeed Kirk. We are consciously evolving, elevating, learning, and growing through the steps and exercises in this series. The series is created in such a way that we can move back and forth between the various steps after we experience them the first time through. Much personal development energy is ignited in our beings through our intention to discover our innate nature and develop our sense of self. Because of this I must mention again that a daily practice in some form, where you embrace healing modalities to help you release any built up or excess energy, in tandem with your conscious intention to turn toward that which you choose to create, is vitally important.

Releasing and healing blocked energy will help each person stay attuned to their nature, and facilitates a greater sense of ease when we find ourselves out of balance, compromising, saying yes when we would rather say no, feeling emotions that we dislike, or when we become unfocussed.

Kirk: It sounds like you are describing growing pains, Alana!

Alana: Yes, it seems so Kirk. Yet growing doesn't have to be painful. It is painful when we hold on to expectations that no longer serve us, or are unrealistic for who we are today. It is much more painful to hold on to what is unlike us, than to let go and become who we truly are. Alana wishes to impress this thought. Emotional pain is deeply associated with holding on. There is a certain resilience that comes into one's life by letting go. When we can let go, and when we have a clear intention in place to step into our individual natures, it becomes so very transformational; wonderful really. A vital realization for pain relief.

Kirk: Does the feeling of fear or unease about someone or some situation serve as a signal to us? For example, that a specific person, place, or thing is not in alignment with our authentic self or our higher purpose in this lifetime.

Alana: That is a wonderful question. The reaction that a person is feeling inside needs to be examined, and the responsibility for the feelings needs to be taken more into the self, rather than projecting them onto the person, place, or thing.

Let me attempt to explain this. Imagine you are in the company of a person who is very negative, and it brings up feelings of unease or even fear. By the way, I am not referring to the type of fear relating to physical safety. Imagine that this person is also a teacher who is helping you learn something about yourself. So this fear or unease can give us an opportunity to work with your energy and define who you are in a deeper way. So, it really depends on what you learn about yourself through the interaction.

This question wants to direct us inward so we can gain more conscious information. Sometimes we have uncomfortable feelings when we are about to grow. Confusion is a high vibrational state. It means we are growing, that we are moving from one state to another. Therefore, sometimes when we experience discomfort it is really more about ourselves than it is about the experience we are encountering. As we create more balance within ourselves, often the experience becomes less of an aversion. So in cases like this, allow yourself again to reflect on your values and what is important to you. Then bring this awareness into a communicative process where you exchange more information. By doing this, you'll more easily be able to tell if the situation is something that is or is not in alignment with your highest or best good.

Kirk: So the uncomfortable state that this question points to presents us with an opportunity to learn to distinguish between what isn't in alignment with our highest and best good, and where we are growing and learning.

Alana: Yes. Sometimes we fear being out of our comfort zone. We fear the unknown. If we work with the first steps in this process, we will be able to identify what is not good for us from the states of confusion that sometimes occur while we are growing.

Kirk: Thank you Alana.

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