Authentic Core Values: Meeting Goals - Developing Talents

Kirk: In the previous steps you suggest that first people look to the outside world and once they have discovered a number of things that they like in people, places, and things in the world, then they move inward. Since it is easier to look in our outer world and then relate what we identify there to our inner world. Do you think it is a good idea in this next step to look back on steps two and three: "If I just didn't have to (fill in the blank)", or "I could be happy if (fill in the blank)"? Do you think this would actually help the process in this step? That is, are you suggesting people take a fresh look?

Alana: Yes, I feel it is a good idea to go back to steps two and three. It will help ignite this process and an individual will identify many values.

Kirk: Do you have any other encouragement about this step? It seems very important.

Alana: Relating back to steps two and three can help a person identify what is important to them. If a person can fill up a page on a notebook with values, it will greatly serve them. The values can relate specifically to environment, relationships, personal goals and even the way a person likes their day to be structured. They may wish to include the types of people they like to be with as well as qualities they appreciate within others. They may also take into consideration the way they would like the world to present itself and how they want their world to look to them. So the values can pertain to both inward and outward expressions as well as finite and global.

Kirk: It also seems that our value list can highlight things that we already know and are good at. For instance, I love to facilitate people finding balance in their lives. I feel this is something I am good at. As I reflect on why I enjoy doing this work, it becomes clear to me that many of my core values are utilized as I work with people. As we do step five, do you think it would help to also include the things we feel we are good at and where we feel our talents wish to lead us?

Alana: Definitely! This clearly points to our values, which are an aspect of our authentic nature. Our innate talents wish to be developed. So often people discount the things they are good at because it comes to them so easily. As we learn to surrender to what is natural for us, we uncover many innate skills and talents that are eagerly looking for ways to express in our lives. This brings us to an awareness: if everyone surrendered to what they were good at, what was natural to them, the varied expressions and talents within each person would combine together like the pieces in a puzzle. Our world would appear very whole, rather than so fragmented. The world would be very creative and connected in full and harmonious way.

Kirk: Thank you Alana, that gives us a clear understanding of how to work with step five and uncover what our authentic values are as well as learning to embrace our talents whether we have expressed them fully or are just discovering them.

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