Making a Commitment: Self Discovery and the Inner Critic

Kirk: In step two you have us fill in the blank in the question, "If I just didn't have to?" There may be some people that might have objections to this part of the process. They may wonder why they should spend time answering the question, "If I just didn't have to..." when there seem to be so many things they have to do. They may feel like they have no choice in the matter. They may be confused by this process.

Alana: There are often things in one's life that we have made a commitment to and set into motion. Therefore we may feel we have to do them. However, I am encouraging people to play with this question, and get into a self discovery rhythm by allowing their "inner critic" to ignite and participate in the process. You could compare it to a complaining session where people get together and complain so they may release what has been stored inside them.

Kirk: Like a gripe session with a powerful, positive intent.

Alana: Yes, a gripe session, in a way. In this process Alana is invoking an opportunity to get in touch with the energy of release. Release creates space and room for other things to come into one's attention. So actually, in this self awareness exercise we are doing primarily two things: 1.) We are creating energy that will invoke release; 2.) We are bringing into conscious awareness some of the things people are doing where they are not in touch with their ability to make a choice. It is a very potent exercise, because it puts energy into motion.

Kirk: So this exercise is more about amplifying our energy and getting it moving than about complaining, whining, or being a victim. By expressing our "have to's", "must's", "need to's", "shoulds", or "ought to's" we are opening ourselves up to discover something. For example, if someone says, "If I didn't have to take my kids back and forth to school every day, I would have more time to play the piano." Or, "If I didn't have to spend all this time commuting to work, I could spend more time with connecting with my kids." This exercise will help them become more self aware.

Alana: Yes, and it will also invoke the judge within one's self. They will get to feel their powerful judgment. One of the confusing things about this step is that often people will shy away from the energy of judgment. This is because they don't want to feel what judgment can bring up, or they judge their judgment. I am encouraging everyone to just give themselves permission to judge and be demonstrative.

Kirk: To just go ahead and judge away. If we catch ourselves judging the judgment, to say, "If I only didn't have to judge myself every time I judged."

Alana: Yes! Have fun and play. This exercise is about creating energy, and it is about release. It is about building up energy into a vibration that will eventually create a consciousness shift.

Kirk: It looks like step three is the sibling to the previous one. Here we answer the question, "I could be happy if..." We fill in the blank. Do your comments apply to both steps?

Alana: Yes, however the latter step will be much easier to do than the previous one. In step two an individual works with their judgments, and this can often bring up attachment and expectations, which connect us to the pain we hold within. Step three can also bring up stuff, but it is much easier to identify with the things that ignite pleasure, dreaming, and desire.

Kirk: Some examples are: "I could be happy if I won the lottery" or "I could be happy if I didn't have to go to dinner at my mother-in-law's house each week."

Alana: "I could be happy if my husband kissed me goodnight each night", "I could be happy if I had a better education", "I could be happy if I lived in a warm climate", "I would be happy if I could swim with the dolphins".

Play with thoughts like these and just have fun. We are now invoking the energy of play and imagination. Every step creates energy and it spins around in the beautiful pattern of self. It creates energy that is representational of the consciousness that lives within.

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