Angels & Spirit Guides

Alana, sometimes I get so sad because my family of origin is so dysfunctional. Why did I chose to incarnate into this family and have I learned the lessons I needed to from this experience? (3 minutes, 17 seconds)

I could really use some additional means of boosting my own energies so I can hear and see my spiritual guides, but I am so exhausted. How can I increase my energies, at least until my own physical and mental strength returns? (4 minutes, 54 seconds)

My brothers death has brought me to a better understanding of life after death. I've been receiving many signs and also messages from spirit guides in my dreams. My heart tells me they are real. Could you help me with this at all? (4 minutes, 54 seconds)

Dear Alana, In the past two years I have buried my natural grandpa, 2 other (not so close) grandpas, my younger brother and most recently my father. I don't know where to begin rebuilding. (5 minutes, 46 seconds)

I was using Reiki energy on myself one night when I felt a presence in my room. (1 minutes, 57 seconds)

I have always dreamt of white hair people with amethyst eyes. Who are they? (3 minutes, 09 seconds)