Body Weight and Self-Image - Learning to Love Our Bodies

Questions:Hello Alana. The quality of my life is exceptional. I feel like most of my dreams have come true. Only one thing is missing, and that is having a body that I feel excited about. It's not that I am way overweight, or need to lose weight fast so I can love myself. I just look in the mirror and don't feel I am that attractive. What am I missing?

Thank you dear one for your delightful question. Alana senses within your question a desire to help others as well understand what your body responds to and the nature of your body.

It feels as though many of your thoughts and energy within extends outward in a very global and a bit more abstract nature than what many people sense when they contemplate their self image.

Realize that your body is a physical manifestation of creativity. Maybe your identification with your body is a bit more difficult for you because of the vast way you think and channel your energy. As you consciously think about your body image, your ideal weight, and channel these thoughts into a pure physical direction it may feel limiting to you.

Perhaps the following suggestions will help you view your body image a little differently. This way you can develop a more global relationship with your body. Take some time to meditate on this first concept:

When you think of your body think of it as a creation. Think of a flower. Think of a river. Think of an element in nature that reflects the environment where it exists.

As you play with this suggestion you will receive a reflection back and gain a greater awareness of your body's connection to you and you to your environment, and surroundings.

This will help you build a relationship inside for understanding how to fuel your body with healthy nutrition and good food--things that will allow you to fully nourish. This contemplation will help you find ways to bring your body into harmony with your full awareness and elements that please you, like color and comfort.

As you become more conscious of your body and its connection to the world, its nature will seem less important in how you might think it looks to others, or even your eyes, but more how it is a temple of love and appreciates feeling honored and loved.

Since the body is a temple and houses all creativity that channels through it why not fill it with that which honors it. When we detach from our body, it can become a reservoir that holds toxic elements. When you look at mother earth, yes it too is full of discarded matter that those who do not honor it deposit their discards into.

The same thing happens with your body temple, it also has discarded matter within it. As you put things in your body, ask yourself how much of what you eat can be used and how much will be discarded or deposited. As you do this reflection you will find it easier to pay attention to what you put into your body so that elements that are not healthy do not find themselves deposited in the cells of your body.

Also notice that your body is a lot like a sculpture or a painting and has its unique presence, unlike any other. Its uniqueness is something that you can fall in love with as you truly see the unique image of your nature.

You may find that your body begins to shape around this beautiful image as you adore it.

These are a few possibilities that you can work with and ponder to help you shift your body awareness.

Alana feels that many individuals are in quandary of how to have a delightful relationship with their body no matter what body weight, skin color, or physical issues.

Our individual snowflake pattern is an expression of creativity and that in itself is a miracle.

Thank you dear one.