Inner Conflicts Over Weight Loss

Question: I have the desire and need to lose an extremely large amount of weight. I am obese (and I hate the word as much as I hate how I look). Yet I am not able to concentrate or stay on track with a diet, and end up calling each day another failure. I wish I could find a way to succeed. What is keeping me? Is this some cruel lesson in life that I must learn? Please help!

Answer: Dear one, it is very delightful that you have brought forth this question today because Alana appreciates your sincerity behind this question. I feel that your question is one that many ponder within themselves.

First of all, recognize that you are much more than just your body. It is your temple, yes. It is what holds your vibrations in the physical, but your nature extends vastly beyond your physical nature because you are also an incredible being of light. You are also a spiritual being. As we examine your vaster nature, we recognize that within your being, you hold a lot of love and a lot of heartfelt wisdom. When Alana feels your sadness and your confusion about how to bring balance in your body, Alana feels it has a lot to do with love. I will give you a few ideas and thoughts to ponder.

Know that your physical weight is a combination of energies that wish to be more fluid and activated. Sometimes we get blocks in our body where we hold on to fat. It has much more to do with where fat is held in our bodies than any diet that you could partake in. Perhaps some of the resistance with a diet is that your being knows that it is not really about food. Food issues are a by-product of what occurs when fat is stuck within our physical nature.

So how do we make your energy more fluid? One thing you can do is find ways to channel passion. Passion being a deep connection with things that fill you with joy, things that agree with your senses, things that evoke pleasure, things that awaken joy. As you turn towards these experiences for satisfaction, you will find that your being will become filled. Then you will feel less of a need to indulge in food when your nature is not really hungry.

Now also, dear one, Alana wishes to say that you have a great start here because you are already aware that you have the desire to bring more love into your life. You have a desire to understand your spiritual nature in vaster ways. You also give much of yourself to those around you. This is a form of love and it also is like a wheel. It begins to spin and spin, and love begins to come back into you from what you concentrate on. It becomes a cycle.

Alana wishes to talk a little more about how we are grand beings. You have your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and your light body. Do you see? You exist on many levels. There are things that we can do on each level to assist our bodies in moving into balance.

Let us talk about the physical level a little more. You can seek guidance or counsel with those who may have a deeper understanding of our physical dynamics. Have it be more in the context of movement or something that evokes energy into your body, rather then being concentrated around your thoughts about food. In addition, Alana feels that your physical being desires more balanced nutrition in your food, and you may look at that thought as well. As well as supplements you can take to aid in digestion.

On the emotional level--which we have already touched upon--continue to find ways that bring you joy and continue to fill yourself up in that way.

On a mental level, recognize that you have a good mind and that your mind has the capacity to learn. It also has the brilliance within it to direct and support all of your other parts by recognizing that they are all important. You may have a limiting subconscious belief that prevents you from losing weight, since doing so could then mean that you would want to be less than you are. See if you can "reframe" that thought, and become willing to let love flow freely through you, allowing the excess body weight to naturally redistribute within your physical being and fill your ethereal self with a deeper sense of love.

What you really want to do is shift your energy pattern to where you become more light. Then your physical self that perhaps is holding on to fat (because fat is stored love) can let it go. Fat is often love that is stored because it is afraid that it is going to go without. Your mind knows how to direct fat to let go so that more love can come into your body in other ways. The mind can assist your emotions to allow more love and self love, then the physical elements can participate as well.

Spiritually, you are already a beautiful being. There is no need to do anything here. Just continue to love yourself, continue to let your spiritual nature shine, and continue to recognize that you are perfect already. There is nothing within you that needs to be different because without all of your nature you would not be you! You are just learning how to channel your vibration in a lighter way.

You can examine these different levels of your being that Alana has shared. This is your life. Take it in, feel it, and begin to find avenues with all of these directions.

Look for physical support. Look to the world around you and find those who have physical tools or modalities that feel like they fit for you. Engage and bring models to help you into your life for support.

Continue to look at your emotional nature and find ways to fill your being. You'll find more satisfaction will come to you because you will begin to ask for more joy.

Mentally recognize that you have all that it takes within your mind to direct your life and to bring to you satisfaction. What I am describing is a loving and gradual way to enlighten yourself.

Remember that spiritually you are perfect.

Play with all of these suggestions and do feel compassion for the beauty that is within you. Thank you so much, dear one, for bringing forth such a magnificent question. Alana feels that your question will benefit many.