Self Love and Compassion

Question: I am lonely, obese, and having severe financial problems. I feel like God intends these problems for me, and I don't understand why. My husband works, I work and there is never enough money. My kids will need clothes for school and there isn't an extra dime in the house. I eat non stop out of depression and fear. I am 45 years old and still have these struggles and hard times. Will life ever get better?

Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you so much for bringing your question. Alana has much compassion for you and I feel one of the wonderful gifts that you are going to begin to give yourself is compassion as well.

You see, compassion is a gift. It is a vibration that we can give ourselves. As we begin to learn how to be compassionate towards ourselves we begin to heal different aspects within our nature that keep abundance from occurring in our life. So, Alana feels that by learning about what compassion really is you will begin to recognize that God is not outside of you. You will recognize that within, you have the power to create whatever you would like in your life. Because, you see, God created you with the same powers to create, as God has placed within the nature of all that is. So, compassion will assist you in healing the split that you have in your beliefs about being separate, or being separate from all that is, or being separate from others. As this heals abundance will begin to heal. Because, you will begin to see that abundance is also a part of you and therefore, if it is a part of you, then you can have whatever you desire, as long as you can be compassionate enough to allow love in your life.

Food is another form of love. Also, what Alana has been talking about here is another form of love. So, as you move compassion into your body you will also move love into your body; You will move light into your body. This energy will begin to transform the feeling of being in a void, or the feeling of lacking love. Also, the feeling that love is not something that is fully there for you. As this occurs, abundance will become more present in your life. In the beginning you will feel it enter in your life in subtle and small ways. As this builds, abundance will begin to show up in greater ways.

So, one thing you can do dear one, is find a support group. Find a group of individuals that to you feels like they are aligned within their hearts and begin to interact with them. Begin to learn about the ways that our intuition connects us and the ways that intuition bridges our senses. This will help you find more compassion for yourself as well. So, take your beautiful arms, dear one, and place them around yourself. Give yourself a big hug and much love. This will begin to melt the confusion about being separate. Thank you, dear one, for your question.