Self Love Helps Overeating

I have a problem with depression and when I get depressed I eat. I am very overweight now and am so tired of it. I come from a slim family and hate the way I look. It is starting to affect my family and especially my husband and I am scared to lose them. Please help. Also, why aren't my guides there for me? Lots of love from South Africa.

Hello, dear one. Alana is so delighted that you took the time to ask a question. Alana can feel the confusions that exists within you about the definition of your physical nature.

First of all, dear one, recognize that you are much more than a body. You are a beautiful, benevolent being, and also a treasure. But, as Alana feels the dilemma that exists in you, about the physical realm and how to address your physical nature, Alana wishes to help you get more in touch with your body-being.

Perhaps you can go through a series of questions to begin to identify the types of foods you eat, when you eat them, and why you eat them. You see, food is a form of love and many people who do not know quite how to capture the love that exists within them, find substitutes in the way of food. What happens is our body becomes dependant on food to create emotional natures within us. This makes our emotions go up and down, and all over the place depending what foods exists in our diet.

So, dear one, look at the food you eat and see which foods trigger your desire and needs for more love and which foods you eat that trigger a sense of feeling okay. When you eat a food that triggers a sense of feeling good, that is a clue that perhaps you have a dependency on that type of food. A withdrawal from it may eventually help balance out your nature.

Many individuals out there in the world, have strayed from the innate way the body is designed to be fueled. This is because of the types of food that have been prepared and the way foods have changed in their complexity. When you take a food and break it apart or break it down, it almost turns into a substance that is not meant to fuel the body. Instead it is meant to fuel your taste buds instead, you see. So look at the kinds of foods you eat. If you are eating foods that are not really natural, that are full of substances, chemicals, and strange man-made combinations they are going to effect the vibrancy in your body.

Alana really feels that this is the key that exists within you at this time. Also, perhaps your thyroid and adrenals are less tolerant than those in your family. Your body nature has fallen into a different pattern.

Alana has also been learning much about the sensitivity of sugars and feels that you could also look into this direction. Because you see, moods and emotions fluctuate depending on what is happening to oneself chemically. And if this is your case, dear one, you could end up balancing your emotions and feel much better. Depression is often a manifestation of physical imbalances from foods and substances. Also, as we age our body hormones change too.

I also feel a strong connection with your guides and angels. I feel that they are there. As your vibration lightens and you gain more self-esteem and feel more love directed towards you, I think you are going to be quite surprised. I feel you will be hearing them more, feeling them more, and sensing them more. They are always present, but when we are denser in our vibrations, we cannot feel them and hear them as easily.

So, dear one, practice some self love. Really ask yourself to create greater definition of what you bring into your body to invoke love. Begin to give love to yourself by clarifying the dependencies that your body might have on certain foods and substances.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. Alana appreciates your question. It is one that may benefit many. I do invite you to continue to ask another question as you progress with this answer if other confusions occur. Thank you, dear one. Alana is happy and feels that your life will begin to unfold.