Dating During Divorce

Question: I am seeing someone right now. I really love him and he loves me, the only thing is he's going through a divorce at this moment. My family is totally against me being with him, they say I should wait until his divorce is over but neither of us want to wait. Is what I am doing wrong? They are not together anymore but his divorce isn't final yet. Please help me, sometimes I feel so bad because of my family.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for bringing forth your question. Alana feels in your heart a genuine desire to be with this individual and Alana also gets a sense that he feels much compassion and passion towards you. Alana feels your family's influence and comments are because they wish to protect you. In listening to their values and needs they are suggesting what they feel is the most practical and safe way to go.

Alana encourages you to go into your heart. All relationships have an individual expression. All relationships are not created from the same rules. In other words, in some relationships it is difficult to be clear while transitioning from one relationship to another. Some individuals find it easier to know what is possible.

Alana feels the desire to encourage you to go within your nature and trust yourself. There is always work in a relationship to move through old patterns, and leftover emotions, especially when one transitions from one relationship to another. If the two of you feel a great desire to be together, then be together. Are you able to communicate with each other, share your dreams with an open heart and, hold each other as able? By all means communicate each day what you are feeling.

No one can live your life. No one can experience your experiences, and no one knows what your life is to become, or what it is about. Only you know that. Alana encourages you to go within your heart and ask yourself honestly what would bring you the greatest joy. Do not hold back because of what others tell you or what others expect of you. Their values and needs are about them. Live your life. Experience your life. Your life was given to you. Only you know what is to be of your future. Only you know what will make you happy. Listen closely to what you feel inside of yourself. Go into your nature and ask yourself truthfully and honestly if getting closer to this person is the step you want to take. If you do, follow your heart.

Remember to also listen to your mind since it is a great tool. And, your heart is where your wisdom lies. Your mind is there to support your heart.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. Alana feels this question may help others learn how to discern the guidance that lies within; to discover if they are living their life by fulfilling the needs of others. Thank you, dear one.