Relationship Between our Heart and Mind

Question: How do we know how to trust where the source of our actions is coming from: heart, mind, past programming, etc?

At times I feel I lack effectiveness because I don't know how to trust in myself.

Answer: Thank you for this grand question! Alana is excited to provide spiritual guidance on this question of self awareness regarding trusting one's nature.

Let's first begin by taking a look at the nature of your quandry. Your question feels like it can also be asked as, "How do we know how to trust ourselves?" because our actions stem from within our own beings. Yet, your question also feels like it has to do with trying to distinguish the difference between self-identity and the actions one makes through their mind, emotions, or heart. Therefore, it feels like a two-part question.

First, let us go to trust. How do you trust yourself? You begin to learn how to trust yourself by continually going into yourself and asking what your intention is. For example, you can go inside and ask, "Is my intention to hold love?" If your intention is to hold love, you know you can always trust it. You can always trust love.

Now, it feels like when we have a hard time trusting ourselves it is because we are out of touch with the power of our intention. If we have a hard time trusting why we make an action or why we say a certain thing or why we feel a certain emotion, it is because we do not know where that emotion or action came from within ourselves.

This is because we are out of touch with what our intention was. However, if we can find our intention, then we will know if it came from our heart. Then we will know if we can trust it. If our intention came from fear, then we will know that something wishes to be healed or something wishes to be discerned. In that case, we can trust that we are looking for clarity. OK?

The second part of this question feels like it has to with where we react from. If we are within reaction--if we are reacting emotionally, if we are reacting mentally, if we are reacting by not reacting--then we can trust because it is reaction that is coming from fear. If we are acting, directing, moving, and taking action from a place within us that is creative, then we can trust that we are acting from love. That is how we distinguish how to trust our being.

Grand question. Thank you so much.

-- Alana

Note From Kirk: You may have noticed from the above answer that we can always trust--whether we are in a state of fear or love--if we first go inside and understand our intentions.