Saying Yes to Self Love

Question: Dear Alana, I am feeling a bit depressed. Sometimes I feel so lost, like I don't belong anywhere. I feel as though I've lost all my dreams and I don't know what to hope for. How can I learn to listen to myself? How can I trust my feelings, when I feel so uninspired?

Answer: Hello, dear one. Thank you for your question. You know, I get a feeling, dear one, that within your life many of the things that you are doing, you are doing them because of habit. Or it may be because they have been presented to you, or you were told that you would be good at them, or because you feel that they are a necessity.

So, dear one, begin by really looking at your daily activities. See what you are doing within your day that feels good to you. Then look at what you are doing in your day that is repetitious or perhaps the things that are distractions.

Next, each day, make a choice. One choice would be to eliminate a distraction and say, "No. I really do not want to do this today." Then, bring something into you that feels like an action of love. In other words, something like taking a bubble bath, or going for a walk in nature, or going window shopping. You know, just do something that feels pleasurable.

Now, this has much to do with learning to listen to yourself. When we feel that we cannot hear ourselves clearly, it is because our senses have become dull or numb. We have dulled them or numbed them because we are not excited about feeling the surroundings of our life. As you introduce situations and occurrences that bring about a sense of delight, your senses will begin to open up. Really, this is how one begins to develop intuition, by opening up the senses and allowing them to feel more on different levels. As your intuition opens more, you will find that you hear more feedback from your higher nature and the individual parts that are excited to express.

So, this is something that you can do in a conscious way, dear one. You can consciously begin to eliminate some distractions and this will bring choices into your life to add pleasure. Bit by bit, your senses will heighten and you will find more passion arising within you. Then you will find yourself really listening to your heart. You will feel what your heart wants to communicate. When your mind asks questions, allow it to ask, but listen with your heart.

Thank you dear one. This is a great question and Alana is very happy that you brought it forth. It is also wise, if one is with a depressed state for a period of time to find additional support. Best wishes, dear one.

-- Alana