Personal Awareness Leads to Creativity

Question: Alana, how do I know what is the truth? How do I know who and what to believe? Just when I begin to believe in something, I start to doubt it. I sure could use some personal coaching, as I could use some spiritual words of wisdom.

Answer: Hello, dear one! This is a wonderful question and is very beautiful and creative. At the root of this question is self awareness: that we have an ability within ourselves to know who we are and what is best for us. When we attain this awareness creativity is enhanced and life direction.

So, how do you trust, dear one, and how do you know what truth is? Everyone is an individual. Everybody has an expression and a life purpose that is specific for him or her. Therefore, truth will be different for everyone, and everyone will find their own truth as they listen to their heart.

Yes, there is wisdom and truth that is universal and there is truth that is represented in the core aspects of creativity. In other words, the aspects of what creates connection and knowingness, what creates our abilities to be empowered in our lives, and the truth about who we really are. Do you see? But, there are individual truths as well. Alana feels this is the root of your question: how to create deeper self awareness so you may find your own individual truth.

Recognize that truth is not about mental ideas, and truth is not about something that is right or wrong, or good or bad. Truth is really what will allow you to be in the present moment and be able to thrive as who you are.

The way you can find your own truth, dear one, is to go into your heart as you feel different situations. Do this as opportunities come to you. Feel the things that people communicate, and what knowledge they want to share with you. Then bring these awarenesses into your heart.

Go ahead and physically sense bringing this information into the area of your heart. Then feel your body. If your body feels like it is expanding, or light, or open, you have a pretty good idea that the information is the truth for you. If your body feels resistance, or if your heart feels like it wants to close, or if your body feels heavy, or if you feel uneasy, or if you feel like you want to ground or protect yourself, then recognize that it is not the truth for you. Your being is not at a place to incorporate or accept the information as a reality for you.

Now, when we take a step in our life--when we move forward or take an action--we also have a mind, dear one. Our mind is definitely the part of us that asks questions. It is the part of us that wants to make sure that we are safe and protected. One of the natures that the mind has is doubt. Doubt is like an exercise, it is like something you do so that you can strengthen.

When doubt is present, it is there to help you strengthen what you want to make a commitment to. It is not here to change your mind. However, when you lack commitment or clarity, and you do not know what the truth is, doubt can seem all-consuming.

Recognize that doubt will help you create clarity and it is here to help you point your thoughts and energy back into your heart. This way, clarity can come into your being once again. When you have clarity you can create, manifest, and know what true abundance is. Abundance is the direct result of you having clarity and putting creative energy into your ideas.

Thank you very much for presenting this question. Alana sees much wisdom in you that will arise and become evident in your life's journey. Your sensitivity is a beautiful gift within you, so recognize that this beautiful sensitivity will help gather self awareness and sense and know what is your truth. Thank you, dear one.

-- Alana