Trusting Loving Relationship

Question: I have drawn a situation to me for the third time where I have a ministerial partner who feels that they will be pushed to the side because of my willingness to be all that I can be. Through these types of situations I recognize that I do have trust issues. I also recognize that in the past I would shrink from who I am when this occurred. How do I maintain the integrity of my intention to be all that I can be and still retain a trusting loving relationship with my ministerial partner?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question. Alana appreciates the integrity that exists within you and your desire to hold others able as you hold yourself able.

Alana feels that as you move about your day with enthusiasm and desire, extending your vibration and contributing to the world, perhaps you also hold within you a feeling. Perhaps it is that if you allow others to be themselves fully, then you will be surrendering to circumstances where you may create less than you desire.

Alana feels that one of the delightful things that you are learning through this situation, dear one, may be patience. In other words, Alana sees you going about your day creating with your grand sense of awareness. I see you looking at situations intuitively, figuring them out with your sensing and knowing, and deciding where to take a step or action to create your reality. But sometimes when we are so eager, we do not have an opportunity to cultivate patience with others. This is where we get to see energies in our outside world gradually take steps and learn how to be greater and vaster in their own expression.

Sometimes the message that extends from us as we express so vastly, is that others are not enough. This is because there is a thought that we are the only ones able to fulfill our destiny and our creations. Patience feels like a key element that you are learning. You are learning to slow down your rhythm a little bit and to have anticipation and excitement to see what will be revealed to you through another's contribution.

It feels that as you hold your wisdom, hold the knowingness that you have within you, slow down just a little bit, and encourage others around you to also express themselves, your patience will cultivate a wonderful gift. You will then begin to notice, because of the evidence that you will be gathering, that you can benefit by the contribution of others. This will add to you, dear one. Alana also feels that you have another wonderful lesson to embrace: that you can receive as much as you give.

So, dear one, think about what Alana speaks here and get a sense of the benefits of patience. Also reflect on the benefits you gain by slowing down a little bit. Focus on what you may receive and how receiving is also an action that creates giving.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. Alana feels that trust will be cultivated as you broaden your awareness in this way.