Financial Debt Leads to Depression

Question: I've pretty much messed up my life and I am having huge finacial problems. I can't pay my bills as I have more debt than money I've earned in my entire life. This makes me very depressed and uncertain about my future. Is there any reason why I shouldn't just end my misery and start over? Or, how soon will I find a woman who loves me and a job that supports me?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for bringing your question to Alana. It certainly sounds like you have created a situation that feels pretty unfortunate for you. It feels like you are experiencing something that Alana would consider to be a very important time in your soul's development.

So, from the perspective of your mind, this time could look very devastating. But, from the perspective of your soul, it is a time offering an opportunity for huge transformation and personal growth. When we are not in our bodies, and are without the physical world's constructs to learn, grow, manifest, and create in it can be very, very difficult to resolve situations and issues. So, feel very grateful that you have your body, and this life giving you opportunities to learn and deepen your soul.

You see, when we depart this world we take with us the beliefs about the conditions that exist within our consciousness and the problems that surround us. We take them into our new world, and from this vantage point we do not have the same type of physical surroundings to help us resolve the situations. So, Alana would encourage you, dear one, to step back into your body fully and begin to create simplicity around you.

Begin to really examine what you do have.

You have your life.

You have vitality.

You have friendships.

You have the ability to learn.

You have the ability to take in more awareness and knowledge.

And you have yet to learn how to surrender to the things that could really make you happy.

This is all within your own power to do so. A time like this is actually what Alana would label as a most incredible times in a person's soul growth. A time when a person is at a crossroads which allows them to let go, a place in life where they have to simplify. Simplification has much to do with letting go of old beliefs. So begin by letting go of what you don't need to sustain your well-being. Don't be afraid to simply as it does not mean you have failed, so release any judgement about bad or good. You will soon to discover ways of sensing into your world that are more deeply aligned with your authentic core values.

As you begin to recognize the love that is within you, and as you begin to see your world in a new way, you are going to be building wonderful attributes and strength within. Thus you will begin to draw partnerships to you that are less complicated. Someone will be attracted to you from the fact that you have not given up. And that you had the courage to move through difficult times offering you a great opportunity to better understand and define the essence of your soul.

Your soul or another's does not measure you by material things. But by the ability to grow, to expand, and to find love within one's self. As you do this, your outer world will begin to bring more wealth to you, in ways that you could never fully imagine. This wealth will definitely come in forms of love. And as more creative energy moves through you material weath will as well in due time.

So, thank you dear one, for bringing this question to Alana. I encourage you to dig a little deeper, and as you examine where you have created complications bit by bit begin to simlify your life. Do not give up, you have incredible resources within your brilliant being, so feel who you really are, and to begin to surrender so life can offer you greater pleasure and freedom. You have the skill within you.

Thank you, dear one.